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The age-old tug-of-war between blind faith and rationality continues. It horrifies, and gets you on the edge. But like all horror movies it also makes 140 minutes seem like much, much longer. Maybe I didn't enjoy it as much because I don't subscribe to the belief they endorse. But because there's some attempt to elaborate rather than skim, the watch wasn't a complete waste.



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Wogma Review

God resides within us, we just need to check. OR

God is dead, it doesn't really matter how we behave. OR

God exists and he is happy/unhappy based on what we do/don't do. OR

God exists but won't help us unless we help ourselves. OR

Whatever!!? Who cares?

Each of the above value systems and more are represented by one or more characters in Raaz. Makes for interesting debate? Yes, but loses direction too, since it'd take some real skill to articulate things when you are taking on so many points of view.

Sure, there is a definite side that the movie ultimately takes, but some of the beliefs portrayed are scary. Not because of the appropriately used background music and sound design, or the jump-in-your-seat horrific visuals. But, because they are just so inhuman. I doubt all the makers subscribe to that way of life. But, I guess they do believe that the idea of inhumanity sells. And you know what the irony is? One of the characters is shown in bad light because he "sells" stories based on his campaign against superstition.

Anyway, getting out of all the theo-talk, so many types of characters ultimately leads to mega-confusion and also leaves each one of them pretty uni-dimensional. More so because pre-interval the characters and their situations take their own time to develop. And suddenly post-interval a host of new characters are introduced and obviously each one of them is vying for attention.

The plot that develops in the second half along with its sub-plots is interesting but the resolution is far from satisfactory. Usually unexplained issues increase the intrigue and I like them because they keep me thinking even after I've left the hall. But Raaz's climax feels like, "so much hoo-hah for this?" When they provide you with each line to join dots and leave one out so blatantly, it comes off more as a loophole than a 'point to ponder about'.

Mohit Suri, like always got me curious with the intense opening sequence. But it instantly infuriated me because of this piece I read a couple of days ago. How could they ask for any censor certificate other than 'A'?! I'd hate to see any child watching some of the visuals in the movie. Not to get very excited peoples, these are not X-rated visuals - these are just the kind that make you squirm and wait for the scene to get over.

However, there's Kangna Ranaut. So, there's enough skin-show too. She does well with her screaming scenes. What's interesting is that while I don't feel for her character, she does make me pray that I'm never in her position. I didn't identify with her character. But it made me go, "hell, I don't want to see the things she's seeing!" The director-actor duo seem to have done well together, because we've seen her do similar stuff earlier. She does look ravishing on the ramp too - but that too we've seen earlier.

Adhyayan needs to start at the basics - let's work on dialogue delivery to start with, get me interested as an audience. And till then DO NOT dance, please. Emraan Hashmi always makes a sincere effort. Since, the requirement for expressions is only bewilderment and care, he can't do much. But, at least he now has bagged the two.

An opening title card preaches Sant Kabir's doha asking us to look within ourselves before pointing fingers. The protagonist learns that the hard way. But the connection between what she goes through and why is very flimsy. Not to mention, what the movie tries to convey is the opposite of what I believe in. Yet, I also believe in respect for the opposite view. So, while I didn't agree with the stand taken, I didn't mind watching it and getting a wee bit terrified along with it too.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Again, how dare they try for a U/A certificate!? This one is certainly inappropriate for kids.
  • Language: Loads of gory bloodshed, wrist slits, etc
  • Nudity & Sexual content: one liplock and one tub scene
  • Concept: The dead avenging their death by possessing bodies of people alive.
  • General Look and Feel: Dark, keeps you on the edge and is scary.

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Pakistani music:

i think the movie got its own experience the new wave is doing really cool . i m gonna give 6 for this movie.

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