Raaz - The Mystery Continues - Preview

wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?)
quick review:

The age-old tug-of-war between blind faith and rationality continues. It horrifies, and gets you on the edge. But like all horror movies it also makes 140 minutes seem like much, much longer. Maybe I didn't enjoy it as much because I don't subscribe to the belief they endorse. But because there's some attempt to elaborate rather than skim, the watch wasn't a complete waste.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just waiting to see if the Bhatt camp manages to keep interest alive for 150 minutes...

The promos have very mundane text interspersed with whooshes and Kangna's screams and scary face appropriately. Looks like the average Joe-horror-thriller to me.

But, even if the Vishesh Films-Mohit Suri combination doesn't strike gold or even hit all the right chords with me, they are pretty fresh in the way the visuals are approached and the story is told. They generally stick to the dark side of life. Add horror to the mix and it could be very interesting indeed. Even if horror is not my favorite genre.

The official site for some reason is yelling at me - "tum ashudh ho, sudd chuke ho" (you are impure, you've rotted)...huh? why me? What did I do? :) So, there's some supernatural stuff involved. Going more into non-fan area.

Anyway, though the Bhatt family doesn't care too much for the masala formula, they have their own formula. So, I forecast - • An awesome opening sequence • one distraught species of the female kind, throughout • because she's the lady in distress, she needs to undress at least twice, and there's a bathtub involved somewhere • and not wanting to risk the audience losing interest, she'll be kept skimpily clad the rest of the time • aah...and since this is Kangna, her character will require her to catwalk and guzzle bottles of whiskey • she'll triple the size of her...eyes every once in a while to showcase her acting prowess • that's for the female lead - the male will follow her, sulk, try to help in random order • there'll be some awesome music to break the monotony • and a darkish climax


And believe me, as sarcastic as this all sounds, I do believe it has potential to be very interesting. Because what we are ready for, bothers us less. My real concern this time is its length - 2 and a half hours is a bit much these days - very difficult to be ready for...