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A bunch of non-actors pull off heists in the remake of The Italian Job. And there are new twists of course! It's an Abbas-Mustan film after all! And yet it is not as bad as the promos look.



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Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bobby Deol, Sikander Kher - read these names in one breath and you should be looking up for jokes on twitter. I bet you there are some very good ones doing the rounds. Most of them are "stars" but none of them is twinkling too well, right now. So the audience is bound to be skeptical and thus have a laugh or two at the combination's expense.

Add to this mix, the names Abbas-Mastan and you guaranteed to get lots of style and almost equal guarantee of no substance. Pick any promotional video from the lot that is out so far, not one shot is non-stylized. For example, in this supposedly romantic song here, I don't see two people in love or falling in love, I see two gorgeous-looking people trying to oozing style out of every single pore.

I understand Players is a remake of The Italian Job. It might not have been the best film ever, but it was an enjoyable heist thriller. And instinctively, I couldn't help but squirm at the mention of Abbas-Mastan remaking it. Oh well, you cannot complain that they aren't breaking barriers. Just look at them pull down the gender bias at minute 1:10 in the trailer below. A woman perfectly parking a race car at high speed. There's your woman getting a substantial role!

The music has received lukewarm response, or rather it is nothing out of the ordinary for the music director. Pritam. I think we have witnessed the lamest theme song ever for a thriller. But don't miss out on lyrics like, 'This narcissism is a system to intimidate.' Now, isn't that a killer line?

Music Reviews:
Milliblog - "Pritam does what he’s good at, admirably well, in Players."
Music Aloud - "6.5/10"
Bollyspice - "2.5/5"
Happy Sing - "Players is once again a lovely album from Pritam where he mostly creates what he is an expert at, with one or two new things here and there"
Dunkdaft - " So, a soundtrack with 2-3 nice tracks is not bad,after all, its for an action movie. "
rediff - "2.5/5"