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Some films mesmerize because they linger lyrically, beautifully. Others l-l-l-i-i-i-i-n-n-g-e-r in a way you wish it stops before you can say asap. Unfortunately, Phillauri is the latter.



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18 tweeters have given Phillauri an average rating of 4.2/5.0(?)

15 yays
3 nays
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  • vishwasgautam: #Phillauri is not a film, it is an experience. Well Done Team @AnushkaSharma @diljitdosanjh
  • vineets05063009: Just when I thought I can not love @AnushkaSharma more,and she comes up with phillauri and proves me wrong. She is beyond brilliant.
  • tdagia_: I think Roop Lal Phillauri will stay in our hearts for a while, he won't leave that easily! @diljitdosanjh
  • SpunkySana: #Phillauri too spoofy to feel like a drama and too mournful to be funny.... so thank diljit to save u…
  • smileyalee29: Phillauri has been watched. Tbh, its boring Suraj sharma's parts were good, Shashi's flashback is just plain boring OVERRATED
  • Shashalsahu: phillauri is different movie, different story.. not a traditional love story, splendid performance by @AnushkaSharma @diljitdosanjh...
  • ShahidsPanda: #Phillauri is so beautiful and emotional and funny
  • MilanKumar1000: Sorry @diljitdosanjh i didnt like ur #Phillauri.I think since ur followers love u unconditionally they are giving high rating. Ntpaisavasool
  • mahwish1D: if you believe in true love then this movie if for you ❤ #phillauri @diljitdosanjh
  • jayantibhayana: #Phillauri - one amazing movie!! @AnushkaSharma @diljitdosanjh its a beautiful movie
  • imrannist: Watched #Phillauri & it's great story. Love it. Thank You @AnushkaSharma
  • immonotosh: #Phillauri is such a fresh film. Well done @AnushkaSharma @diljitdosanjh @ImSurajSharma
  • garimaneeraj: Just saw #Phillauri truly amazing movie that make u laugh and cry at the same of the finest performance of @AnushkaSharma
  • Divvya_Tarot: #Phillauri is a pleasant experience with @diljitdosanjh almost choking us with emotions
  • bhagyashree3425: Hello diljit paaji and anushka ji #Phillauri ...kya movie hai... Kadak
  • balwan24x7: Saw #Phillauri Today, such a Beautiful Movie, like a Fairy-Tale!!! @AnushkaSharma you Rockxx Great Work by @diljitdosanjh and #SurajSharma
  • anshul_atreya: #Phillauri it's an awesome love story... Rula diya yr..@AnushkaSharma
  • ammu_lis: Saw #Phillauri it was such a nice family film. I really loved it. @AnushkaSharma u have done a great job...