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There are way too many ways to trash Phantom. But, I'll go with just silly. Plain silly.



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62 tweeters have given Phantom an average rating of 3.4/5.0(?)

42 yays
19 nays
1 so-so
  • _skyeRocket_: I really had high expectations from Phantom and Katrina but I'm disappointed
  • WWWPPL: “@itsnisar23: Emotional Scene Saif Ali Khan Dead in the End. #Phantom” best scene of the film.
  • WhyNotPr: Phantom review Fantastic direction and screenplay.. Performance of everyone is also good... Movie's story is...
  • whirlybirdguy: Watched Phantom. Liked the movie. Wish it was true.
  • vinzalwayz: Most of the reviews on #Phantom are wrong, the movie is quite decent
  • urs_afroz: A story every Indian wish were true. India INSAAF chahti hai.! (2/2) #Phantom #Mustwatch
  • TVbuff1: Can someone plz pay for acting classes for #KatrinaKaif? #RanbirKapoor are you listening? #Phantom
  • sylviasengupta2: Phantom is a nice movie.
  • Syed_Zaidier: Bajrangi Bhaijaan dekh kar jitna Dosti ka Jazba paida hua tha... Phantom ne wo saara khatam kar diya
  • Supersengupta: Phantom is a nice movie.
  • shyaditi: rt gurjaranand: #Phantom movie just saw. Just awesome movie...#saif is awesome... #Katrina is great.. just enjoyed…
  • shourygupta: #Phantom makes you emotional and patriotic at the same time. A Must Watch!!
  • shilparathnam: "How bad can a Kabir Khan film be?" Famous last words! Except for Saif, Katrina and the plot, Phantom was not bad.
  • shadesofmind: #Phantom is amazing. Clear agenda, brisk execution & flawless depiction made it a worthwhile. Eminent hardwork from @kabirkhankk Saif & Kat.
  • salmankifann: iFaridoon kabirkhankk #phantom is a good movie, I can give you that but #BajrangiBhaijaan & #NewYork are CLASS APA…
  • RKsFarnaz: Katrina was just super duper awesome with those guns. "Nawaz Mistry" is made for only Katrina Kaif, perfect choice
  • realgaurav26: 1st half was lil slow .. But the second half was superb and thrilling too.. @kabirkhankk u made me cry once again.. #Phantom
  • rdx_75: Phantom.. boring and a case of wrong casting.. and poor ending..cmon..Taj me chai aur pastry
  • purpleinkpatid1: Sala kon tha wo jisne phantom ko 4 stars diye the. Pata chale to uss Gadhey ka handle batana...
  • prateek01051998: Waooooooo #PHANTOM greattttt nice job by @KatrinaKaifFB n @saif ....supabbbbbb....... $
  • PatrioticNoodle: Even Indian audience rejected Phantom. I feel sorry fr Mawra. She took a stand fr a movie which ws alrdy flop, no need 2 create hype, srsly.
  • paramwaraich11: #PHANTOM THE Way Of Excellence @saifalikhan @KatrinaKaif_
  • NazishSh: #Phantom movie is just a waste of time :/
  • Nav_Lal: #Phantom film mast hai.katrina...uffff dill dhakada ta hai jab naam leta hoon
  • mjamilmoughal: this movie should be blocked #anti_phantom
  • MaazFarooq: I may have difference of opinion with @HamzaAliAbbasi but on this phantom issue he got all my support. He surely is sailing in good winds.
  • LeoLittleFish: #phantom much better than #ekthetiger Well done #saifalikhan
  • laskarbabul007: Phantom movie ta dekhe khub valo laglo
  • kingrajshekar: Watched #phantom, bad casting with lose screenplay. @akshaykumar wud hv done gud job as lead. 1 day 26/11 perpetrators will b killed
  • KattuDevotee: best patriotic and realistic movie ever #Phantom .A big salute to #KatrinaKaif #SaifaliKhan and #KabirKhan
  • katrinakaty6: I watched #phantom last night wooow
  • KaafAlif: My Review of PHANTOM: A supposed thriller that falls flat on it's own face. Plain boring! #Phantom…
  • Just_Ge0: I'm giving Phantom Pain at least 11/10 just for Mum comments.
  • IamHuzzi: Phantom One Of The Best Movie Of 2015 (y) No Words To Describe. All The Audience Gave Standing Ovation At The End In Theatre. :-D
  • iamaki_: Phantom - Awesome movie. Its must watch for every Indian. Thankyou Kabir, Saif, Kat and all the crew members of Phantom.
  • harshitrana: #Phantom nicely developed movie.
  • gurjaranand: #Phantom movie just saw. Just awesome movie...#saif is awesome... #Katrina is great.. just enjoyed the movie...
  • gulovesrkajol: #Phantom movie creating this btw india&pak... not nice!!donno why movies show 1 side storys in movis
  • GagFire2015: RT: alfrdjsph: RT kingrajshekar: Watched #phantom, bad casting with lose screenplay. akshaykumar wud hv done gud j…
  • fluidicverna: Phantom movie is a wonderful tribute to the Silent Martyrs of India
  • f68b78fa818d405: #Phantom... an awsm movie... loved da end
  • DolaMohapatra: Watched #Phantom movie. Quite an edge-of-the-seat thriller it is. Loved Cinematography; Certain shots are truly of international standard
  • deep_nigam: Phantom Nice movie, keeps u engaged and feel patriotic. Saif and zeeshan have done tremendously well. Katrina too was good. @kabirkhankk
  • CR7Tigerr: #Phantom was beyond my expectations. From action to background music, everything is superb & #SaifAliKhan is back with a BANG
  • cinghh: The only thing which I didn't like in #Phantom is Katrina's dialogue delivery. Behan 15 saal ho gaye, ab toh hindi dhang se bol le.
  • ChaudhryKamar: #Phantom is more of a chutspaa!
  • BURNEEHAMMAD: #Phantom is the worst movie made by Bollywood.
  • BHALHARO: #Phantom slow movie with good performances by saif and kat. action sequences look very sad.
  • BeingTeJan: Dear PAKISTANI Aam Janta, #Phantom is not an Anti-Pakistan Film, it is an Anti-Terrorist Film. Don't spread negativity unless you watch it.
  • BeingKhaled: They replicated a Titanic in the end. This time it was Daniyal & Nawaaz instead of Jack & Rose :P Liked it!!!!!! #Phantom
  • b60581fa56874f7: Fake movie phantom.... No meaning....extremely worst acting...what the f..k yr..
  • ashokkmrsingh: Phantom movie. salute u Kabir Khan .m sure Every true Pakistani will stand against terror which is our common enemy.
  • ArsalaHayat: Respect Salman Khan for Bajrangi Bhaijan. No respect for Saif Ali Khan for #Phantom.
  • arpitpanday1431: Phantom is very nice movie. Logo ko reservation k bare m chhod is movie mai batayi hui soch ke bare mai reli mrni chaiye.
  • anurae: Omg half way through and loving it so much i don't get it why people are saying its bad #phantom#KatrinaKaif#saif they are slaying it
  • Angel_sona12: I wasn't that happy with #Phantom movie seriously since when did india started thinking of revenge. .hmmph
  • AmarPrem17: #Phantom superb movie lekin emotional ke chakkar me galat end.
  • AliQuliMirzaAQM: Phantom amazing movie one more home run by @kabirkhan @aliqulimirza
  • akshayk457: Saif did a great job.. his role was intense, powerpacked and he deserves lot of applause and apprecication! #phantom
  • Ajaykaul8: Today watched two movies @PicturesPVR cinemas #faraar and #phantom with friends both movies are #awesome #mindblowing
  • adityakataria12: One of the things #phantom told us was that #katrina still can't act.