Phantom - Preview

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There are way too many ways to trash Phantom. But, I'll go with just silly. Plain silly.



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Two Kabir Khan releases in the span of a month. Unsurprisingly, two movies about India-Pakistan relationship in the span of a month. This time though, the tone is, “GO, GET THEM!” rather than the usual more pacifying one.

The setting of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack instantly touches a raw nerve. I cannot shake off the feeling that the movie is made with the intent of “taking advantage” of the emotions attached to the 26/11 attacks. Sure, all movies take advantage in some way or the other, here it doesn't feel right.

The attitude towards the attacks is one that is likely to be very popular. Yet, the only thing that stayed with me from the trailer is return of KatrinaKaif's jarring accent. It sounds more like her early days compared to the improved diction in her more recent films.

You barely see Saif Ali Khan and anyway Phantom looks more like a Bond-usque thriller. It has an intense air about it but the look and feel screams, “not to be taken seriously.” In the struggle between angst about a touchy topic and dramatizing it into a thriller, Phantom looks like it will end up being neither. Here's hoping I am wrong, at least by a bit.

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