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The more number of non-engineers/CAs/MBAs/doctors I meet, the more I hear, "oh I did my engineering for my parents, but this is (films/writing/dancing) where my heart lies. We have had many movies that comment on our inept system and control-freak older generation, they usually become a tad too dark. Patiala House keeps the balance towards being light. But completely messes up the good, strong start that it gives itself by going the clichéd route.



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46 reviewers have given Patiala House an average rating of 2.3/5.0 (?)

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16 nays
17 so-so

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Thumbs up by Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama ...PATIALA HOUSE is an underdog. The expectations are zilch, the odds are not in its favor, but the film throws a pleasant surprise. Go for it! ... full review

Thumbs up Bollywood Mantra ...Nikhil has well lifted the congestion of Gattu, whether to cherish his dream and go against his family. ... full review

Thumbs up desi hits ...Anushka Sharma is a gem but her romantic relationship with Akshay is also very shallow taking away from the strength of this film.... full review

Thumbs up by Kakoli Mukherjee, ...But the bravo performance of the father-son duo does not allow you to mull over the discrepancies much, and keeps connecting with the audience throughout. ... full review

Thumbs up by Pankaj Sabnani, ...Akshay Kumar, teaming up with Nikhil after CHADNI CHOWK TO CHINA, is first-rate as he delivers a very restrained performance. He looks convincing as a cricketer and never goes overboard.... full review

Thumbs up by Aakash Barvalia, ...If not Six, it’s definitely a Four!... full review

Thumbs up by Tushar Joshi, MiD DAY ...Akshay's fans will enjoy his new form. This one may not score a sixer, but it manages to dispatch one to the boundary.... full review

Thumbs up Movie Talkies ...Well Bowled, Akshay!... full review

Thumbs up by Subhash K Jha, Now ...Though scarce, the moments between Akshay and Dimple are very precious.... full review

Thumbs up by K N Gupta, could miss it only at one's loss! ... full review

Thumbs up by K K Rai, STARDUST ...Akshay successfully presents the facet of a son who sacrifices his dreams for his father’s wish, but still keeps smiling, as if nothing had happened and he was alright with the decision. ... full review

Thumbs up by Pratim D Gupta, The Telegraph ...Rishi Kapoor is expectedly solid as the Rock of Southall. Wish there was more of Dimple, though.... full review

Thumbs up by SpiceZee Bureau, ZEENEWS.COM ...Given such a large number of characters, ‘Patiala House’ could end up being a long and tedious affair, but kudos to Advani for keeping it light, tight, complete with clear and coherent narrative. ... full review

So-So by Naresh Deoshi, Apun Ka Choice ...One moment, Advani wants you to yank out your kerchiefs to dry the moistened eyes, the next he tries to regale you with the antics of the Punjabi brood with its bunch of wannabes.... full review

So-So by Baradwaj Rangan, Blogical Conclusion, The New Sunday Express ...Wouldn’t this story have hit its high points equally well had Gattu been a single child? Why grapple with delineating so many characters who add so little? ... full review

So-So by Bobby Sing, Bobby Talks ...It neither makes you laugh whole heartedly nor does it make you cry with all that family drama being shown on the screen in its final moments... full review

So-So by Bollyfan, Cinemaa Online ...More than the scripting, its the editing that stands to blame for the disappointment the film peters down to, after an exhilerating start, stretching the film beyond tolerable limits.... full review

So-So by Vikramjit, Desi Martini ...It ends up being just a wishy-washy film, because to relate to an underdog story, you need to see how the protagonist could've REALLY done it.... full review

So-So by Rhea, Desi Martini ...The story has been written in a hurry. Like the way I make up fake scripts in my 50 minute metro ride. ... full review

So-So by Yusuf Poonawala, Desi Martini ...The film is high on emotions, drama but in bits and pieces. Thanks to the mediocre screenplay by Nikhil Advani & Anvita Dutt Guptan. ... full review

So-So by Smita, Desi Martini ...Overall though its a decent movie to watch if you can sit through the slightly tedious first half.... full review

So-So by Manu Agarwal, Desi Martini ...Apart from 'Laung da Lashkara', there are no hummable numbers either.... full review

So-So by Rachit Gupta, Filmfare ...hank God then, that the lead actors’ performance, which also includes a vibrant and peppy performance by Anushka Sharma saves the grace... full review

So-So by Kaveree Bamzai, india today ...With lines written in Yash Chopra land--kal chup ek biwi thi, aaj bol ek maa rahi hai; and gaaliyon ka shor taaliyon main chhup jayega--and enough cricket to keep the kids happy, this is a family drama for the family. ... full review

So-So by Shubhra Gupta, indian express ...The director does a smart thing by keeping the romance between Kumar and Sharma understated, though the former looks uncomfortably older in a couple of scenes. But we overlook this because after a long time we’ve seen Akshay bringing something more than a smirk, and a shaved chest, to his part. ... full review

So-So by Anupama Chopra, NDTV ...As does the lazy writing – none of the other family members make an impression and Bauji is such an exasperating character that even Rishi Kapoor can’t humanise him.... full review

So-So by Ashok Nayak, Now ...Anushka Sharma, who has great screen presence, does very well and effectively supports Akshay. ... full review

So-So by Sukanya Verma, Rediff ...The same cannot be said about Rishi's agenda as the chauvinistic bully spoiling the picture. A sketchily written part dilutes his aggressive patriotism and anti-racial stand into a comical, pig-headed Scrooge yet to come-of-age. ... full review

So-So by Nikhat Kazmi, Times of India ...Akshay Kumar refreshingly dons the actor avatar once again, setting aside his overdone comic hero cloak which had begun to fray with overuse. His Gattu is both poised and poignant, brimming over with restraint: a giant in repose. ... full review

So-So by Mr Care, Upper Stall ...Rishi Kapoor and Akshay Kumar have clearly etched roles, and they fill them out well. While it is good to see Akshay in a quieter, more real avatar, you also feel that he could have shown more range.... full review

Thumbs down ...entertaining in parts but fails in entirety... full review

Thumbs down by Gaurav, Desi Martini ...Do not enter this house... full review

Thumbs down by Ameetbhuvan, Desi Martini ...Mildy Engaging Fare... full review

Thumbs down by Aniruddha Guha, DNA ...While the melodrama tugs at your heartstrings in places, Advani chooses hyperbole over subtlety, a trait best left behind in the 1990s. Also, clichés and extremes abound.... full review

Thumbs down by Rajeev Masand, IBN Live ...Advani squeezes in so many characters that it's hard to keep track of who is who, and how one is related to the other. Fortunately one never really needs to piece together this family tree... full review

Thumbs down by Komal Nahta, koimoi prepared to be bowled over by Rishi Kapoor, not Akshay Kumar!... full review

Thumbs down by Sanjukta Sharma, Live Mint ...Kapoor is a waste in the role of Gurtej. He screams and terrorizes everyone throughout the film. It is obvious to any discerning film buff that Kapoor does not have to try at all. ... full review

Thumbs down Mixed Bag ...Kash apne life ko hum rating de paate to 1 se jyaada na de paate 5 main se... full review

Thumbs down by India Syndicate, MSN Entertainment ...Old wine in older bottle... full review

Thumbs down by Minty Tejpal, Mumbai Mirror ...The same old pitch... full review

Thumbs down by Khalid Mohamed, Review and views uncensored ...Santosh Thundiyil’s cinematography is uneven, too bright or too smudgy.... full review

Thumbs down by Ruchi Mehta, Roochster ...The cinematography is very good though. Some shots have been shot brilliantly!... full review

Thumbs down by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies ...Anushka Sharma lights up the screen, but again is unstoppably upbeat and smiley. This is a fault of the characterisation more than the actors. ... full review

Thumbs down by Janhvi Patel, StarBoxOffice ...The lovely Anushka Sharma is a show-stealer. She sparkles and infuses life in every scene. The enthusiasm of her lively character is infectious. ... full review

Thumbs down by Sudhish Kamath, The Hindu ...If the idea was to make a fantasy film, why make Akshay a fast bowler? He could've just played Clark Kent and saved the world.... full review

Thumbs down by Kunal Guha, yahoo! India ...The film's music is predictably bhangra with no surprises.... full review