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David Dhawan comedies are beyond me. At first, it felt good to get away from the daily drudgery that life is and submit myself to the histrionics. But, a few very good laughs in exchange for an arbitrary bunch of stories thrown around a Hollywood chick-flick are not good enough. It is difficult to retain interest when you can mouth out the punch line for more than half the jokes. And even more difficult when the attempts at wise-cracks stop too.



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An open mind helps. I laughed out loud a few times in the first half - playing along, humoring the makers, taking silliness at face value, generally taking a chill pill. Really, otherwise I wouldn't have "liked" the movie even this much. But, the jokes took a sudden dip in the second half and the last half hour literally wore me out. I will make my peace with being labeled a stuck-up.

I don’t care much for the David Dhawan style of escapism and I certainly don't think we were missing much while Govinda was away pulling faces in the parliament. So, obviously, by transitivity I am certainly not big on the David Dhawan-Govinda combination. (Ok, no need to get all geeky on me and bring up the nitty-gritty of the theory.) The point is that if you fall in any of the above categories, you are at the wrong place.

Having offended 64% of the Hindi cinema-goers, I must reassure the rest of you that I am in no way trying to infuse any intellect into a David Dhawan presentation. Lest my intellect be questioned. Still searching my heart and soul desperately - looking for something more than a few jokes to like the movie.

Unfortunately, I am also not into Salman Khan, his biceps (or his jokes on showing them off), or his very intentional melodramatic dialogue delivery. Oh well...might as well go ahead and say that Katrina Kaif looks more and more like a plastic doll with heavy make-up on. The good thing is the director was smart enough not to give her too many lines. Oops! I just lost another 34 (31 + 3)% of the Hindi cinema goers. Lara Dutta on the other hand, is looking prettier by the day. And somehow that has also improved her acting.

When ideas are copied from some other movies, obviously making a frame-by-frame copy adds no creative value. But, when you see the additions made to Andy Tennant's Hitch in Partner you begin to rethink your unwarranted and utterly ridiculous demands for creativity.

When there were no songs for the first 20 odd minutes, I thought I had dozed off at some point and missed a whole load of fun. Though I must say that they were making up for it with the extra background score and loudly delivered lines. And when calamities come they come in battalions. I was shown song after song with music that you could tap your feet to but was missing the extra something that makes a song memorable. And well, the lyrics lack soul. But, the good thing about Salman and Govinda is that they never disappoint as dancers. Though I could have survived even without their pelvises being thrust here, there and everywhere (sitting in second row from screen did not help!). But, then can't really complain, can I? It is a David Dhawan movie, after all.

I must admit that this is more than the regular slapstick that has people chasing people and throwing stuff at each other. There is the regular slapstick (Govinda with pants down, et al) + a missile chasing Salman in a scuba suit (Oh come on girls, wipe that drool!!) + a choTa Don with the Don theme music in the background + etc. Sounds like fun to you? Go for it! May be the last 2% of us should form a self-help group so we can begin to understand the rest of our race.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Review - Partner...

David Dhawan comedies are beyond me. At first, it felt good to get away from the daily drudgery that life is and submit myself to the histrionics. But, a few very good laughs in exchange for an arbitrary bunch of stories thrown around a Hollywood chick...


If having an opinion is being biased, "haan judge-saahab, main mujrim hun" (Yes, My Lord, I plead guilty).

But Ashish, if you are talking about my attitude towards the cast and crew as being biased, I think I deserve more credit there. As I mentioned, I went with an intention to submit to whatever it is they had to offer.

Believe me, I was not looking for rationality. But is some kind of connection, however irrational, too much to ask for between different sub-plots. Is acting/comic timing from the lead cast not a requirement either? As far as, music, I guess you liked it, I did not, there is nothing much we can do about it.

It is really sad when you have 4-5 ideas that you think are cool and just throw them together thinking that the audience is there only for timepass, anyways.


Thanks, girish!


Hey RAHUL, it's great that you liked the movie. But, calling Munnabhai jokes old is ,"in my opinion", taking it a bit too far! Anyway, as I always each his own...

Keep visiting!

Hetal and Anuja:

Great review guys. Here is our attempt at reviewing the movie on our blog. Partner Bollywood movie


Thanks Hetal and Anuja! Interesting site you have out there.

bianca and rachana:

hey guys..... this movie is damn good.... just amazing .......


JUST OUTSTANDING ...... i almost saw the movie 5 times...... it's really really good...

and it's a good example for the teenagers... because it can help us in flirting .......

ha! ha! ha! we almost felt like flirting in the theater.... and in fact we did..........

watch it guys its fun and specially with your girls.......


At first when I heard that this movie was a remake or Hitch, I was pretty pissed, but Oh My God!! This was just AWESOME!!! I mean watching someone with Govinda's physique dance away and be able to minister such impressive choreography and manage to look amazing even though he was standing along side Salman Khan..well it was just great, and I have never really even seen Salman perform so well, the dance moves for ur my love" and "do u wana partner" were just amazing and not 2 mention the other songs as well..i mean we have our own tastes, but really, it would take someone really "numb" to not enjoy this movie..yes scenes were copied but what our indian actors were able to offer, haha, Mr Smith and Eva Mendes were'nt able to show... I have been watching this movie from last week and becoz i love dancing and music, I have been watching the dance sequences nearly every nite!!!!Hail Govinda and Salman Jodi!!!


Manish, that's the point I was trying to make. Even though, I kept my intellect at bay, I did not enjoy the movie.

oh-no, don't abuse me by calling me "bollywood-illiterate" and highly at that! Like in food, the masala in a masala movie needs to be of the right quality to make the dish enjoyable.


great music and movie

Fahim Zada:

Very nice movie :)


I have seen the original Hollywood film (Hitch) that inspired Partner. And I have watched Partner. For whatever reason I enjoyed Partner more. No, no: it is not for whatever reason, it is for Govinda's act that I enjoyed Partner more than Hitch. This was a comeback attempt by Govinda and what a gift from David Dhawan!!!

Of course the film is stupid logicless. Wonder how did they manage to turn a decent Hitch into a logicless film even though they retained the same identical plot??? Hmmmm ....

But the truth remains, it is a mindless film. You will find more water on the Sun than logic in Partner. So watch it only if you are prepared for silly one liners and jokes. But once you are ready for that, trust me you will have a rollicking time.

Govinda is in top form. Well supported by Salman. All the rest are just necessary evils to make the film work.

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