Review - One Two Three: you should flee

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1 2 3: Skimpy dresses - 4. Funny lines - 5. Loud actors - way too many. This wannabe comedy takes a dive into slapstick torture of third degree.



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Usually in a movie which has a promo song running along with the opening titles, I block my brain from making any assessment - trying my best not to judge the proverbial book by its kitschy cover. But, the thought just wouldn't leave me. If this is how it starts, how do I go through the next two hours? And it worked! Thanks to the lowest possible expectations set in the first five minutes, it fidgets its way half-a-point up.

It’s regular slapstick with a dash of original one-liners thrown in. But, it feels like the one-liners determined the situation rather than the other way around. And the lack of flow is evident when you just shake your head in helplessness. This goes for both the dialogues and the screenplay, or lack thereof.

This is one of those brainless comedies that can't be seen without a brain. As in there are three people with the same name who reach the same place at the same time. So keeping track of the chaos cannot be done without some gray-cell exercise. And, honestly, I did see this as a situation with tremendous potential for craziness. But, it’s all too commonplace and just doesn't work out.

Neither do the production values - from the amateurish animation to the art design. The costume designer is fascinated by the scissors. We have holes and cuts in dresses where they don't belong. Setting trends? I hope not! These over-used, blunted-down scissors were then passed on to the editor. Low-budget, you see? Can't blame him for the jerks and jolts now, can we?

Now that so much is spent on putting the cut pieces of cloth together we need people to wear them. So we have the threesome - Sameera Reddy, Tanisha, and Esha Deol. Amazingly, and I'm using the word with all sincerity, Neetu Chandra is wearing just one costume, and is covered all over at that! Maybe those scissors were too blunt for cotton clothing by the time it was Neetu's turn. Thank goodness for some mercies!

Now that we have these ladies, what do we make them do? What women do best, of course...scream and screech and yell some more. Why distract the audience by giving them such things as meaningful dialogue? Consistent character would cause an outcry. To be fair though, in the name of gender equality, the men are dealt a similar hand too. Any hopes of Paresh Rawal saving the fort are demolished in the fifth minute of the movie where he is introduced as a bra seller. Need I say more?

The only people who do recognize their limitations are the lyricists. Since, they know they cannot write that well, so they wrote a few half-decent lines and got them repeated over and over till Raghav Sachar's music ran out. The latter does put his goods on display and how. A range of foot-tapping music remixed together. And he takes showcasing a step further by featuring himself in the end credits.

Barely different from the other slapstick churned out this shoddiness named One Two Three is absolutely passable. Waiting for next Friday, already...

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Hey Kiran, nope not seen office office. Don't get to watch too much TV. It is good to know people have liked this debut director's earlier work. We'll know soon enough.


hahaha... you ripped them apart.

Great review, I was waiting to read this one before actually booking my tickets... but now I won't even wait for the video release ;)

One Two Three… NO!:

[...] [ Without giving the movie away [...]


was a pleasure meeting you at blogcamp mumbai. Pardon my poor memory, but I forgot your gmail id. Could you just drop it to me. My gmail id is [email protected] Thanks.



Well conjured thoughts and your excogitated effort to write a poor review is un-awarded. I guess, you went along with your Spectacles sitting on your mid nose and wore your pants too tight that it constipated you.

Good fun and entertainment is what people expect from a movie and that is what this movie gives.(Period)

The entire movie hall was rolling in riots of laughter, after a long time, I would say someone really tickled the funny bone!

3 cheers to Ashwini Dhir.


Thanks Badal, for the trust, the link and the comment!

Hey Sachin! That was caustic and you know how to use your vocabulary too!! Ever considered writing movie reviews?

No worries Karamveer! Thanks for the link...


I am no where related to movie business. And i am sometimes lazy to write the comment over and over again, when the comment is same....So i dont see any reason why i shudn't copy paste the same comment...I wrote the comment in 1st place so I can and paste it where ever i wish to!

Hope it helps u digest your food wel tonight!


I used to like all reviews but this one not much. Coz i laughed a lot through out the movie except the ending[which was funny on a negative way].
My Rating:
paresh+sunil: 8*
tushar: 6*
movie: 6.5*
[i am not a movie reviewer by the way. just a personal thought only]


oh well, damu - there are hits and there are misses :)


Hey meetu...I thot I's also write a movie review so i wrote it on my blog, if you might wish to look at it.

Criticism is always appreciated by me!


Hey Sachin, thanks for the link. What can i say? The exact things that i did not like in the movie, you liked. To each his own :)

Btw, tried leaving a comment on your site, but it won't allow me to unless i am a blogger/google user!!

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