One Two Three - Preview

wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
quick review:

1 2 3: Skimpy dresses - 4. Funny lines - 5. Loud actors - way too many. This wannabe comedy takes a dive into slapstick torture of third degree.



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NOT A REVIEW (just my thoughts before the release)

One Two Three - Same Names, Dangerous Games. Interesting tag line - 3 men with the same name has immense potential for making you laugh your guts out without use of slapstick. But, the promos don't look like they really want to please non-slapstickers like me. What with cars landing wrong-side-up on the threesome's heads (on the official site). Anyway...when there is Paresh Rawal, there is hope.

Director and writer. Aswani Dhir has written for TV serials and is also writer for Krazzy 4 and U me aur Hum. Interestingly, both these movies are slated to release on the same day. Anyway, since I have not seen anything he has been a part of, it is actually possible for me to stick to the rule of "Go in with a clean slate and neutral expectations".