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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
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A logical yet over-simplified take on the arguments against blind faith. The attempt is to keep the arguments balanced yet the film's events are way too convenient.



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6 readers have given OMG Oh My God an average rating of 4/5.0.
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  • So-So by Saha Khan:
  • So-So by Priya:
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Anil: A must watch movie tackling a serious discussion in a light hearted but respectful manner
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Jeet:
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Suman:
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Mansi: Hard-hitting Entertainer!
  • Not Interested in Watching by squidmaster: this movie was bad