OMG Oh My God - Preview

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

A logical yet over-simplified take on the arguments against blind faith. The attempt is to keep the arguments balanced yet the film's events are way too convenient.



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A man challenges the existence of God, sounds like a totally fun concept that will question some beliefs and blind faith. It also challenges the men (and women) of God which is more interesting for a person like me who shares the protagonist's angst against the people who make people do ridiculous stuff in the name of God.

While I don't expect a film to change the mindsets of people, how much impact the film will have completely depends on how OMG Oh My God concludes itself. Honestly, I was put off at the title itself. This English title is trying too hard to look cool and contemporary. Hopefully, this is a tiny misjudgement on the part of the makers.

Another put-off is that the film comes across as a tad too loud. Hopefully, the film has more scenes with Paresh Rawal in control rather than going into the slapstick film mode. Akshay Kumar is in an interestingly different role here. Of course, he gets to play more than a superhero here, he gets to be God, but somehow he looks a little less annoying than usual this time around.

Not to mention director Umesh Shukla doesn't inspire too much confidence either. Let's just hope that an interesting plot converts into at least a half decent film.

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