Review - Oh My God: Subtle, surreal, but suddenly ends

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
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God proposes, man disposes. Oh, My God!! (OMG) is a man's surreal success at creating discontent for himself. If only, OMG didn’t end so suddenly. Yet another fabulous performance by Vinay Pathak.



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What is the aim of life? To find happiness. What makes one happy? Money / fame / power / other smaller things in life. What happens once you've experienced that? You are satisfied temporarily and then magically find something else that could make you happier. Repeat.

This aspect of human nature is explored in Oh, My God!!. The character and situation chosen are exaggerated and thus seem unrealistic in a very bizarre way. And the surreal style of narration in turn brings the metaphors in focus.

Vinay Pathak, the ambitious, common man whose hopes are all attached to a multi-level marketing scheme, not only makes you empathize but also makes you identify with his character. You gradually see yourself replacing his desires with yours, even if you are scoffing at his 'scheme'. Yet, romance is one area where he seems like a misfit. Divya Dutta, his screen-wife didn't look comfortable either. Though, as an individual performer she made her small problems very real.

The one-line story - a man aspires for financial growth and when he actually finds himself in the money, he's not satisfied - sounds very immature, even child-like. But when you realize that this 'aim of life' is actually only symbolic, the experience gets meatier. You could actually replace 'need for money' with anything else and the result would be the same. When you achieve it, you'd complain about the manner in which you got it. If you are okay with that, you'll lose your sleep or even sanity in trying to protect it.

And this is true not only for the loftier desires. Even for a person who is happy with the little things in life, the satisfaction of one little need is only replaced with another little need. And these issues are not over-dramatized, they are just brought in as the story progresses. The dialogues start out very fresh but become preachy lines, albeit masked, by the end.

Yet the events in the last half hour seem like a to-do list - a hurried culmination of what was taking its time to develop. Also, something has gone grossly wrong if a 90-minute movie seems like a drag in parts.

The grainy texture (low-budget induced?) and the lack of straight-regular camera angles increased the amount of patience required while watching the movie. The continuous use of a bottom-up/top-down/wide-angle were only distracting.

It's always exciting to see on screen what others make of their lives and especially attempt the heavy, "what are we here for?" question. And when you have someone like Vinay Pathak to take you through it, it's a pleasure. Yet, the narrative seems incomplete and the quick speech as a farewell note doesn't help either.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None
  • Concept: Philosophical questions might completely bore kids.
  • General Look and Feel: It has a dull tinge to go with the serious issue the movie is trying to address.

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