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Superlative performances hook you into a disgusting story that comes from newspapers despite RGV going even crazier with his camera and sound departments.



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76 tweeters have given Not A Love Story an average rating of 2.9/5.0(?)

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25 nays
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  • _logik: Kudos to @RGVZoomin for making that movie "Not a Love Story". Creepy, and Pervy at many levels, but addresses criminal psyche nicely.
  • YoSarathKumar: NALS will b the PathBreaking BenchMark in the Indian Film.We want 1000 RGV"S who can Pull it off Like RGV..Love u Sir
  • Yashpal_: #PehchaanKaun > "NALS is sheer cinematic treat.1 of d films that u take back home & keep ''thinking'' -4stars"
  • yashgodbole: Not A Love Story - A brave attempt at telling the #Neeraj Grover Story
  • yashbash: great movie..! @RGVzoomin .! not a love story is having a superb story.!
  • whitelight007: Not a love story is seriously NOT worth wasting ur money. Don't go even if some1 pays you to watch it.
  • vishakhvenugopa: wtcd "not a love story".. good work by RGV, i think this is true love!! and this is the real love story!!
  • VidyaParuchuri: Thoroughly enjoyed anothr masterpiece #NALS frm @RGVZoomin :-)) n loved the performance of actress Mahie Gill..she did a superb job!
  • vamsiraj143: "NOt a Love Story" What a fantastic screenplay by ramu very nice visual treat for movie lovers And fantastic ackground score...
  • vamsidijango: I saw 'Not a love story' it was awsome, its all about ramu's work
  • trioyash: #ramgopalverma make pornos instead of flopbusters like not a love story. #fuckedup!
  • TheRedTailedBoa: Jus watchd NOT A LOVE STORY Such a vivid movie.. Som scenes reminds me my top fvrte ANGST(1983) Now m hungry for THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS.
  • TheLoneShepherd: Not a love story .. not a bad watch .. deepak dobriyal brilliant as usual .. mahie gill disappointg as alwhys..
  • TheHauntedGhost: Not a Love Story ??!! There was 'Not A Story' at all! #NotALoveStory #RGV
  • tagore3d: Guruji, just watched 'Not A Love Story", I lovd the film...gr8 wrk guruji @RGVzoomin
  • sunnygoswami: Not a love story Thumbs Up...
  • sumanthere: How is "Not A Love Story" a 'film'? It's mere sequencing of an event news channels had outlined extensively. Varma has no social sense left.
  • subarnapoddar: At movie hall..Went to watch Not a love story..Not bad, but I was thinking abt the real incident, how brutal!
  • streetguide: watched "NOT A LOVE STORY" 4m trivandrum.. terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible...realy...@RGVzoomin
  • sonalbahuguna: Watched " not a love story".... Movie by RGV.. was so so....:)
  • singhcd: #singhcdFILMreviews Not a love story - I have always liked rgv films, but when it comes to crime films, he is brilliant.
  • sidaarthdudeja: this is not a love story should change its name to this should not be a movie.
  • shubham123321: watched muvi not a love story. really an awesum muvi ,ram gopal verma really rocks
  • Shravz: Zindagi ne Milegi & Not a Love story - back to back movies in a single day.... two good movies made so differently ...the beauty of cinema
  • shaileshkapoor: Whoever shot this film needs to be shot dead. Camera, the rapist. #NALS
  • Sethumadhavan: Not a Love Story- reminds you of the old RGV in places&is aided by the lead pair.
  • sarthakthedevil: Watched Not a Love Story! Blew my head!! :D Solid cinema ;)
  • SangeethNath: WOW...! Wat a love story...! Very intresting screenplay done by ram gopal varma in te film NOT A LOVE STORY... commercial lovers don't in.
  • samparker09: Saw Its not a love story by mistake... What a pathetic Movie!!!
  • saaru50: RGV Rocks.He renovated the camera work with NALS , people who carry shit in their heads instead of brains pls Dnt watch this movie.
  • Roy_rajarshiC: NOT A LOVE STORY ...Watched it yday a good one by @RGVzoomin after sometime ...insane but honest !!
  • RjDhvanit: Not A Love Story - 1 mirchi Chatursingh - 0 mirchi Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande - 2 mirchi
  • reddy_srikanth: Not a love story - Not so horrible, watchable :)
  • rajpalyadav: Not A Love Story is a good movie must watch!
  • rajatbhalla13: Watched "Not a love story". Terrible movie. Really cheap attempt to piggyback the Neeraj Grover murder case.
  • PravinSri: Not a Love Story romantc crime thriller.........must watch
  • prachisrk: Not A Love Story was beyond horrible. RGV has gone insane
  • pr4ful: Saw "Not A Love Story" today since no lights from 10 am to 6 pm! one time decent watch! Same old weird RGV direction!
  • paragmasteh: Not a love story movie: ram gopal verma is getting back to his satya,company,bhoot,rangeela standards
  • PallabB: Ram Gopal Verma does not deserve a standing ovation for making Not a Love Story. It is his worst work. Unwatchable. @MaheshNBhatt
  • ninadgaikwad91: Saw Not a Love Story! Good one.. really Nice movie sir @RGVzoomin
  • NilPrince: Movie Review: Not A Love Story Batters Your Senses
  • manan_vora: Not A Love Story is definitely worth a watch. Deepak Dobriyal is top class. Also, the camera is worth a mention!
  • love_shahruk: Sis bought bigger flat...she's so happy...took me 2 c furniture etc then saw nals,rgv,mahi & Dipak all v good,went only 4 mahi,was worth it
  • lonelycrowd: RGVs not a love story has lots of legs and little gore. The movie still works at some level. Mahi gill and dobral have good chemistry
  • kunaljp: Congrats to @rgvzoomin for having the guts to make Not A Love Story. Kept the viewers glued to the screen despite knowing the story
  • kshiraj: I loved @RGVzoomin Not a Love Story. This filmmaker is legendary and tells stories like no one else can. Standing ovation to him!
  • Kritism: Don't watch It's Not a Love Story, poorly executed movie that leaves a bad taste in the mouth - 2/10
  • kritika_saxena1: Do not watch 'its not a love story'. Ramgopal verma has gone nuts!
  • karthik82: Not a Love Story - OK movie, unflattering camera angles & overdone music score was a little distracting. 6/10
  • KanoonKaBaap: And i don't remember when was the last time a film made me so angry. May be NoSmoking which i hated also. Bt it wasn't horny at least. #NALS
  • janakiramvit: NOT A LOVE STORY-8/10.. BGM cn b loud..but shudn't b louder thn dialogues..some scenes r really ________ ..i hv no words to say..superb #fb
  • jainnimit: Not-a-love-story? It's not-a-film-actually! :D
  • InstinctMedia: Not a Love Story = Not a Movie...
  • iamdarayus: Watched 'Not A Love Story' today. Didn't like it. Crazy camera angels, irritating acting from Mahi Gill and orcourse its an RGV film!
  • Husain_Shakir: Watched 'Not a Love Story'. Good movie, but not so entertaining. Not sure why some industry people say it raises bar too high in filmmaking.
  • hitelugu: 'Not A Love Story' Review: Beware! It Haunts You: Film: Not A Love Story Rating: 3.25/5 Banner: Bohra International...
  • hbhavesh: dn't knw why bt watched 'not a love story' last night !!! surprisingly it's one tym watch...
  • harishkh1: Saw Not A Love Story, Oh My God, Must say that , RGV is a master in Soft Porn Movies, he should specialize more, what camera angles, hihihi.
  • gulsanpradhan: The Film NALS is about NALS...a timid fact and a timid story.i would anytime like to watch a love story with much more intensity than NALS.
  • Gudagudi: Watched Not a love story.....not bad a movie...
  • geeroo: RGV has totally lost it. Why did we have to watch 'not a love story'? Terrible movie
  • GDayanandR: watched @rgvzoomin 's Not a love story....believe me its NOT at all a BAD movie..worth watchng...GREAT RGV
  • Diya_9: Not a love story is a gruesome film.. But then it was a gruesome real story that happened... I had goosebumps most of the film
  • DirectrSrinivas: Not a Love Story (2011)....nice
  • cinemausher: NALS was such a waste of time
  • a_henna: Not A Love Story - good story, horrible acting, horrible camera work.
  • Ayushmannk_fc: "Not A Love Story" shook my psyche to the core, can still hear my heart beating with fear • Applauses to the maker @RGVzoomin
  • AVIROCKRULES: 'Not a love story' is a love story of RGV and flop films
  • aswathb: Watched 'not a love story' ... Watchable
  • ankur_gupta91: "Not a love story" is not even a story....don't watch it....
  • AnksReview: Anks Movie Review: "Not A Love Story (4/5)"
  • amitabhadubey: #RGV is back #NALS (Not a love story) must watch movie
  • AmandeepSingh86: This time.RAM Gopal Verma was rocks....Not A Love Story is Awesome Movie.....Mahi Gill looking so sexy....
  • aditiavalkar: 3/5 Review on Not A Love Story Movie By fenil_seta : Hail RAM GOPAL VARMA!
  • abir_sanyal: Dear @RGVzoomin Welcome back to business.#NALS is one of the best love stories I have seen in recent times.Sometimes,more real than reality.