Not A Love Story - Preview

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quick review:

Superlative performances hook you into a disgusting story that comes from newspapers despite RGV going even crazier with his camera and sound departments.



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Not A Love Story is based on a true story. Two lovers kill a man and very Dexter-ously chop the body into pieces such that the parts fit in a few garbage bags. What seems to have caught director, Ram Gopal Verma's attention though, is that not only are these heinous mudrerers common people with good family backgrounds, but they also made love in front of a dead body. This scandalized the director enough to make it the main point of the film. The main theatrical trailer is adequately disgusting. And we can look forward to a nerve-chilling thriller.

The trailer also warns us against the typical RGV-downer - the weird camera angles including the inverted frame. And the usual RGV-style-threats, "Some crimes shock you, this one will make you shiver" and claims that "it's from the heart, but not for the faint hearted" I remember one of his films had a similar contest that challenged viewers to sit in the dark theater alone for the length of the film. These tall claims bring a smile even before the show begins.

Fortunately, the trailer at least promises to show the thrill rather than tell it in words. I'm looking forward to watching Deepak Dobriyal in a lead role. A good actor is always makes the film exciting. And there used to be a time when I'd have said the same thing about Mahie Gill. Unfortunately, I don't remember liking her work after Gulaal and Dev D.

The expectations are fairly balanced for Not A Love Story. It might have tilted towards liking the film because of RGV's claim that the psychology of a criminal intrigues him. But we know all too well that it doesn't necessarily mean that he will be able to show us the psyche through his film.