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quick review:

No logic, no logistics and no laughs either. And while I'm at it yes slapstick, yes loud, yes tiring, non-stop nonsense. What? Who? Why? How? No questions are important enough to be addressed let alone answered.



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Wogma Review

In the midst of pure chaos, there is a man with a purpose who wants to commit suicide. He has a point to make. And he makes it too. The only problem is the audience is mere human. It is impossible for us to ignore the ado and pay attention to his meek voice.

I didn't go about looking for logic, I know the genre and I know my dislike against it. I try to balance it out by telling myself, "enjoy it for what it is." But, how do you enjoy a slapstick that doesn't make you smile even once? How do you let your hair loose when you are trying you best to keep your hands away from tearing them apart? How do you get yourself interested in the acting versus background score competition for loudness?

I'm told these are the things that define the genre. But to me, it looks like a last ditch effort by all involved to milk whatever star-power they have in their waning years. And that's a shame because no one from the cast - from Anil Kapoor to Neetu Chandra need to do this. They surely have better things to do. Or at the very least, each one of them surely has a better way of making a fool of themselves. Geez, Sushmita Sen goes all double personality and screechy on you for goodness sake!

I'm told that you are supposed to laugh at the silliness. I would have if it were really that silly. Every time something super-silly happens on screen there is an attempt to justify it and give it some credibility. The struggle between logic and ludicrous is won by inane with a headache thrown in as an extra.

A quick example - everyone is South Africa, yes including locals, understands and speaks Hindi. And just when you are preparing your snide remark about it a character says to the other, "He hasn't learnt English, but he has taught everyone in his village to speak Hindi!" Why bother? You are right. Why do I even bother.

Every once in a while there is a movie for which I just feel like writing a one-liner asking you to not watch the movie and finish it off. This was one of them. But I impose upon myself the duty to explain why I want to keep you away from the film. I feel responsible. Now only if the film-makers felt a fraction as responsible.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Loads
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Beaches with bikini-clad women. One scene in which a man is dressed as a woman and another man is trying to make out with the former.
  • Concept: Let me know if you find out!
  • General Look and Feel: Bright and loud

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 0.5
  • Story: 0.0
  • Lead Actors: 1
  • Character Artists: 1
  • Dialogues: 0.5
  • Screenplay: 0.0
  • Music Director: 0.5
  • Lyrics: 1

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Like hindi movies:

Not much different than any of recent Anil Kapoor movies. (Not talking about his early who saat din days). Quite silly.


nicemovie review,well,i thought tht it will be a chartbuster,i m surprised tht its just a waste of time kind a movie,anil promots this movie so much,i think he is the producer of this movie.thanx to escape me from this time & money waste movie.

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