Review - Naqaab: Comedy or suspense thriller?

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It is a shame that another brilliant concept has been flushed down the drain because of half-baked attempts at narrating and acting. The product comes across as tacky because of the constant shuffle between comedy, unintentional comedy, a few extra-predictable scenes, and unexpected plot twists.



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As a movie buff I would watch this movie just for the creative concept. Unfortunately, however, it does not get support from any of the other departments. Also, it’s a shame that while the overall plot is imaginative, way too many individual scenes are so clichéd that you can say what's going to happen next with your eyes, ears and brains shut.

As any thriller should, the movie moves at a remarkably fast pace and before you know it you are watching the interval previews. And thus no time is wasted on character development, detailing or consistency. Also the actors playing these characters don't help the cause. Barring Akshaye Khanna, the rest of the ensemble either drone to make you sleep or shriek to wake you up. And it isn't Akshaye's best performance either. Part of the credit for lousy acting and characterization should also go to the ridiculous dialogues.

They seemed to have had a hard time trying to decide whether this should have been a comedy or a suspense thriller. I am willing to take a bet that it would have been a much better product if they had chosen one and just stuck by it. Mixing the two has done irreparable damage to it. Especially since the thrilling twists and turns, very unintentionally, make you laugh and the juvenile comedy makes you grit your teeth in anger. And the back and forth manipulations in the second half become a tad too exhausting for the viewer.

The saving grace is that the director of photography, the editor, and the sound designer have shown considerable restraint. Given the locales and the subject of the movie it was very easy to go overboard in these departments.

On the other hand, I seem to have run out of ways to complain about Sameer's lyrics. And is it original music by Pritam this time? That could explain why it is worse than mediocre.

What I find most amazing about any work of art is the passion with which the artist creates it. In a movie it is more exciting because there are so many passionate people involved. But it is most unfortunate when almost everything looks like a half-hearted attempt. What a waste of a clever idea because nobody felt the need to pay attention to the details!

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Review - Naqaab...

It is a shame that another brilliant concept has been flushed down the drain because of half-baked attempts at narrating and acting. The product comes across as tacky because of the constant shuffle between comedy, unintentional comedy, a few extra-pre...

Amit Kaundinya:

hey 3.5/5 for the story?????? I guess you'll change your mind when you read this
Also do check my review.


Opinion acknowledged, harry.

Yeah Amit, I haven't seen "Dot the I", but have heard that "Naqaab" is a frame by frame, dialogue by dialogue copy of "Dot the I".

I think I am sort-of okay with movies being "remade". I mean, if it is an original idea, nothing like it! It gets points for just being original, whether or not it is well made.

But if they are copying it, the least they can do is copy it well. Oh well...

It still doesn't take away from the fact that I liked the story. True, Shiraz Ahmed shouldn't be getting the 3.5/5, trusting what you and other people who have seen "Dot the I" have to say, but due credit ought to have been given to Matthew Parkhill.

Amit Kaundinya:

ya meetu correct, so doesn't it mean 3.5 to Dot The I rather than 3.5 to Naqaab? How can points be given to the story writer of Naqaab when he has merely done a copying job. I hope you have seen the trailer of Dot The I which i hv put bon my site. Cannn't you see how blatantly Naqaab has been copied.

I have rented a DVD of Dot The I and will watch it soon. I would reccommend you to do the same.


Thanks Amit, saw the trailer and am certainly putting down 'Dot the i' on my to-watch list.


No, not at all!! Naqaab is not copied from "DOT AND I", in fact it is inspired. Abbas Mustan have done an excellent job...because it has a superb script and plot! It's a totally different movie with different, creative style and technique! Akshaye Khanna steals the show, he's outstanding, mindblowing, terrific, fantastic, first-rate, brilliant and superb! He shows maturity and professionalism...he has given a power-packed performance! Bobby Deol does a good job only in the second half and Urvashi Sharma is brilliant as a newcomer! It is an edge-of-the-seat thriller and Abbas and Mustan are the masters in this genre. The suspense is there from the beginning. It will shock the audience, it has lived up to my expectations.

Hetal and Anuja:

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