Murder 2 - Preview

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The uncomfortable feeling which makes you jump in your seat - that is Murder 2's success. It's one of those films where you come out with only the villain and what he is capable of. If you can handle creepy, sexual violence, go for it. It is sure to provide "that" kind of a thrill.



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Vishesh Films usually makes half-decent products. They have their own formula, we can even label it the "Bhatt" formula. The gray characters across films have similar characters. Yet, since they come out at fairly paced intervals, they are a refreshing watch. They never touch "great" or "awesome" but they aren't outright bad either. I've always enjoyed the texture of their films.

I have similar sentiments for Mohit Suri's films. Even though the overall product might not be worth an encore, but there are some shots that are very well composed and a treat to watch.

And to top it off, Murder wasn't all bad either. It had an interesting premise. Unfortunately, it lost the plot at the climax and became a run-of-the-mill thriller. There's an oxymoron, worth its salt.

And yeah, yeah, yeah the steamy, sensuous scenes are always there and are on most occasions done reasonably well. Or at least the actors look comfortable and thus you don't squirm on your seat.

So, it's safe to say that it wouldn't be a surprise if I like the film and it won't be a shock if the experience isn't worth the time and energy spent on it.

A not-so-pleasant surprise is that the music is pretty ordinary. Nope I didn't like the much appreciated 'phir mohabbat' either.

Most other music reviews seem to concur. milliblog - "Three composers and a largely underwhelming soundtrack."

music aloud - "7/10"

Bollyspice - "2/5"

Bollywood Hungama - "3/5"

HappySing - "above average"

Planet Radio City - "2/5"