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Moods of Crime will make you uncomfortable with its audacity. The story would've had an even better grip if the film were finer in other aspects.



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Thumbs down Free Press Journal ...Constructed to mislead, this film tries to play smart but comes out as foolish. The young couple die at the end and the explanation given is a little too trick happy and conspicuously unconvincing. There are no thrills here. The acting is put on and the treatment has little guile worthy enough to draw the interest of the viewer. Such is the nature of the desi genre beast these days. ... full review

Thumbs down by Oohar Basu, Times of India ...In its 115 minutes' runtime, the film feels longer than it should. The ending is simplistic, almost laughable. It is a pointless movie that reiterates how important crisp direction could prove for a thriller. ... full review