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Sexual tension, neglect of a woman's urge, double standards, an artist's struggle in the big, bad world - all in one breath but without getting breathless. Thanks to some amazing wit inbuilt into the stories from folklore.



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33 tweeters have given Mirch an average rating of 3.5/5.0(?)

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7 nays
6 so-so
  • thoibunty: Go for Mirch @Vishal_tekwani
  • thoibunty: Mirch was such funny, clever movie @gulpanag should ve been in it
  • thoibunty: Saw Mirch. Too gud! 4/5. What a funny n cleverly scripted movie. Watch it.
  • thoibunty: U were so comfy in d role. Lovely @ShahanaGoswami Mirch made my day today!
  • tehelkadotcom: #film #review MIRCH has all ingredients to stimulate but it only plays out as instant entertainment for the mindful http://bit.ly/hyGRbo
  • tarunkhanna1971: Mirch is a must watch!
  • svgan_in: Mirch is not spicy... review by B.W.H
  • SudhishKamath: Mirch: 4 sex jokes made into a full film with a self referential super indulgent thread stringing them. Raima & Konkana are fantastic. 5/10
  • sagorikadg: Please go watch Mirch...its a fun movie! :)
  • ruggedrv: Wanted to kill time so.. went to watch Mirch.. however i walked out wit a want of killing myself.. tottal NO....:/
  • RuchiraTweets: Saw "mirch"...mst amazn muvi i've evr seen...maks it a mst wtch!luvd it..
  • RJADITI: Maari budhdhi behar maari gai chhe! mirch 150 maa joi n aeno baap nikle aevo hathodo KaaLo 250 ma joyo!!bey bekaar movie hati!! gn:) #fb
  • rati7: Saw d movie 'mirch' yesterday... Trust me people its worth a watch...:-)
  • piyal_mukherjee: Watchd an interesting movie "Mirch"- A very different treatment of d theme of woman sexuality... though d end part cud hv been done better!
  • panik02: After ages, watched horrible movie #Mirch .. #sad http://myloc.me/fxaaZ
  • NishithSampat: Mirch lacks the #Mirch in it
  • neetakolhatkar: Pll Mirch is a must. If anyone planned to miss this film pl do NOT. Phase gaye & Mirch. fab films. sab maya ki meherbani hai. mast maza
  • mumbaiboss: #Mirch is an over-spiced hodge-podge that quickly runs out of steam. http://bit.ly/hOCVxd #fail
  • mnikhil4: cell went dead so couldn't update.. #mirch is one hell of a movie.. must get oscar for sure.. :P
  • maxabout: Mirch - Wastage of Time http://movies.maxabout.com/movie/mirch/212102
  • manaskakrania: Saw the Movie Mirch...kinda liked it... Nice Comedy.. The Movie has proved the correct character of #women #win #lol !!!
  • macvamsi: it was awsummm....guys go fr "MIRCH"..its a good muvy... nd yeeaaahh beer on khrgr hlllss at 8 in d evenin wid u ws totally wrth...thnq gal!
  • jskhangura: Mirch is super movie 3 stars
  • jiteshpillaai: Mirch is a story within a story. Had loads of potential frittered away in some seriously dull direction. Watch it if u must for the girls
  • jayvasavada: Mirch: aftr a long time satisfying n interesting offbeat film..3 stories artistic n sublime..soft n spicey..raima looks magicaly charming..
  • hsanat: Mirch-painfully #slow beginning(s!) At the same time refreshingly #witty #moviereview #ok
  • greenentropy: Btw did anyone watch 'Mirch'? It's quite interesting and funny in most parts.
  • DevjaniD: saw 'mirch' last nite. It was hilarious with a good ensemble cast. dinner at yoko's was a disappointment. They got out order wrong!
  • aritra_sarkar: #Mirch is the best outing of Dir. Vinay Shukla since GodMother...Must b watched atleast once!!!
  • aritra_sarkar: Saw 'Mirch' today...Quite an innovative idea which could hav been a lot more delicious if not for the shabby editing...But worth one watch!!
  • apsapre: Mirch a MUST MUST watch for all....sometimes all you want is a simple story told with a bit of wit :)
  • anandgb: My rating for #MIRCH - 4/5(for being the 1st of its kind). Go watch the movie, but be prepared to get stumped!
  • anandgb: At 1 point,I felt the movie was horribly cheap;the next moment I was rofl'ing!!A good thing about #MIRCH is that it does its own criticsim.