Review - Mere Baap Pehle Aap: A loud father-son relationship

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A casual friendly relationship between dad and son could have worked if the movie were about 30 minutes shorter. Otherwise, it is the usual Priyadarshan fare.



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Wogma Review

Just in case the title of the movie doesn't arouse your skepticism about the quality of humor in the movie, the promos must have. No? Then rest assured the opening sequence will put your eternal optimism to rest. What with a bikini clad woman walking on to the shore of a beach. And Om Puri monkeying around in a black and red magician suit-meets-superhero costume is the final signature. Believe me, you cannot imagine how it hurts to use Om Puri and monkeying together in the same sentence.

I must admit that the basic concept of letting the elderly have a life of their own and caring for them is very sweet. But, somehow the crassness with which it is done, did not gel with me. A son (Akshaye Khanna) yelling at his father (Paresh Rawal), in the name of comedy can work once or twice, but throughout? Not happening.

Also, a father dreaming of his son finding love is only natural. Call me conservative, but him imagining the possible daughter-in-law (Genelia D'Souza) getting wet under a waterfall and getting all suggestive for his son is just not cool. Add to that a shirtless Om Puri being shrieked at by shrill Archana Puran Singh. How can we be expected to laugh at any of this?

So yeah, Paresh Rawal, like always, tries to bring life to the trying-so-hard-to-make-you-laugh lines with his comic timing. This time is no better or no worse than others. Akshaye Khanna is screaming intolerably at the top of his voice half the time, which is like 75 minutes. And is it only me who thinks his dialogue delivery is going from bad to worse with each movie? He actually had extra pauses where none were warranted at a couple of places. Genelia looks pretty and plays her casual character alright. Whether she's acting or just the way she is in real life, we'll know only after she is 3-4 movies old.

The lyrics and music of the songs are as generic as could be. Also the choreographer had the lead pair finish their gym/aerobic workout on set. And use of bikini-clad women for no particular reason has never been so blatant. So, cutting the songs out could only have helped the movie.

Same goes for about another 15-20 minutes of the movie. There are unnecessary pauses and long dialogues which do nothing but elongate the runtime. What was the point of having the entire crew go to Kerala when neither did the script need Kerala, nor did they manage to capture her intrinsic beauty.

I still think that humor is a nice way to portray a father-son relationship. But, I just don't understand why it has to be loud, long and lousy.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

That is if you decide to see this yourself!

  • Violence: Not much, except maybe a couple of slapsticky slaps.
  • Sexual content: There are a couple of toilet jokes and a couple songs with bikini-clad women dancing for no good reason.
  • Concept: It is a portrayal of a possibly lovable father-son relationship. Nothing wrong with the base idea itself, just the execution is not really enjoyable.
  • General Look and Feel: A few songs strewn across a light treatment of the subject.

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Mere Baap Pehle Aap - Review...

A casual friendly relationship between dad and son could have worked if the movie were about 30 minutes shorter. Otherwise, it is the usual Priyadarshan fare....

Sudhir Nair:

I am sure this was an experiment by Priyadarshan to see of he could make a really bad movie. The experiment definitely worked !!

My take on it -


Thanks for the humorous read, Sudhir! It certainly made me smile more than the movie itself.


Have you not seen any of Genelia's older movies - 'Tujhe Meri Kasam', 'Boys' or 'Masti'?


I've seen just Masti, Raj. Though I don't remember the details, I remember it being a "men" movie more or less. The women didn't have anything substantial to do.


suberb movie..... but flop movie for all dirty minded.. huh! good job priyadarshan!!!

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