Madaari - Preview

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As an intelligent thriller, it works. As a poke to social conscience, can movies do more than poke?



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A capable director, a reliable actor and potential for a good plot – Madaari has the three main ingredients to make you want to watch a movie. Of course, the reliability of the actor also comes from the fact that you trust him/her or at the very least are intrigued by his choice of films. And if there is one actor who can do that it is Irrfan Khan.

The plot itself, in its own way has a “A Wednesday” kind of charm. In the same breath, the one concern that cannot be suppressed is that it could be just more of the same – common man avenging the system. Sure, it clearly (and thankfully!) is without the masala associated with such movies. Could that mean it is a more calmed down yet as aggressive version of the Singhams of this world? Can't wait to find out.