Love Breakups Zindagi - Preview

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Love Breakups Zindagi is a very sedate kind of a relationships film. It is a casual and everyday-like take on the subject but it also turns out to be long-drawn and boring. Not worth a trip to the theaters for the one or two insightful things it has to say about romantic relationships.



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Love Breakups Zindagi seems to be satisfying this week's requirement of the "a rom-com a week" trend. And given how clichéd the genre can get, the movie looks promising. Despite, Zayed Khan. Case-in-point, minute 1:33 in the trailer below. Awesome line, awful delivery.

There are other light, fun elements in the film. Also, the film seems to be based on a theme within the "romance" sphere - that of the fallacy behind "opposites attract".

"Is this your story?" the closing line of the trailer probes. Not mine, but I'd love to watch it. Okay-okay maybe some bits in my relationship too has fallen prey to the said fallacy. But, that's the beauty isn't it? ANY relationship would have some elements that face in diagonally opposite directions, and it becomes a restraint in one way or the other. I think it'd be fun to make fun of that, and in some sense celebrate those differences via the characters.

The hope is that the other actors do a better job at timing their lines. And of course, another hope is that not all the punch lines are exhausted in the trailer.

Something about the trailer, makes me look forward to the film. I think a lot of it goes to the light look of the film. And the background music that enhances the peppy feel. The music isn't being raved about, but has gotten above average reviews. Here's hoping that the movie rings a similar tune with its audiences.

Music Reviews: Milliblog - "strictly functional soundtrack from the usually dependable duo."
Music Aloud - "7/10"
Bollyspice - "3/5"
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