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wogma rating: Add to 'must watch' list (?) - Watch on big screen only for the unparalleled Thalaiva hysteria!
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The only thing that is worth watching in the latest Rajnikanth film is Thalaiva himself. Otherwise, it's a disaster of proportions that can only be dwarfed and saved by the magnitude of great man's aura.



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19 reviewers have given Lingaa an average rating of 2.9/5.0 (?)

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Thumbs up by Subramanian Harikumar, Bollywood Life ...If you have seen Rajini films in the past, you would know what to expect. I went into theatre expecting a fun film with a good message and plenty of Thalaivar magic. And as I came out to face the blinding sun, I have to say I was satisfied and happy with Lingaa. Go watch Lingaa right away for good, clean fun. Last, but not the least, watch it for Rajinikanth’s energy and sheer screen presence.... full review

Thumbs up by Anupama Subramanian, Deccan Chronicle ...Perhaps, the movie could have used with a little bit of cutting edge and full blown vengeance at its core. Also, the long drawn-out climax is a downer. But hey, given all the action packed sequences accorded to the actor known for his kicks and punches, one can't complain much for this piece of masala entertainment, at the least Lingaa will go well with the ardent fans of Rajinikanth.... full review

Thumbs up Free Press Journal ...Go, watch it. If you need a break from your schedule, and you want it to be full of entertainment, then I guess, Lingaa would be a nice thing to go for. Watching the superstar Rajini is a real treat. Nothing can be soothing than watching Thalaivaa on a big screen with multi faces. As usual… one should never give a miss to him. ... full review

Thumbs up by TS Sudhir, india today ...Watch it if you are a Rajini fan. Even as a masala commercial, Lingaa entertains.... full review

Thumbs up koimoi ...Go, watch it. If you need a break from your schedule, and you want it to be full of entertainment, then I guesss, Lingaa would be a perfect movie to go for. Watching the superstar Rajini is a real treat. Nothing can be soothing than watching Thalaivaa on a big screen in dual avatar. One should never give a miss to him.... full review

Thumbs up by Uma Sudhir , NDTV ...There is a classic icing on the cake for Rajini fans who got a return birthday gift in the form of Lingaa on the superstar's birthday. Birthday boy Rajini blows a candle and cuts a cake even as everyone sings Happy Birthday to him in the film.... full review

So-So Daily Bhaskar ...Like every Rajinikanth film, Lingaa too rates high on entertainment. The film’s story is emotional and interesting. It is a perfect blend of action, romance and emotions. You can simply enjoy it with the sub titles.... full review

So-So by Kumaresan Prabhakaran, Desi Martini ...- If you are a critic or a movie lover of logic & sensible films, then please don’t jump for Lingaa. It’s only for SUPERSTAR fans..... full review

So-So by Deepanjana Pal, FirstPost ...Lingaa is not a good film. Rajni films rarely are. But like so many of them, Lingaa is entirely aware of how silly it is and rejoices in this. That's what makes them so much fun to watch. I for one am planning to watch the film again just for the subtitles. To quote the film, "Hey Lingaa, let's jinga-ling... full review

So-So by Ravi Kandala, ...Lingaa, then, is for hardcore fans of the superstar. For others, it is a long social-drama that fails to excite or engage.... full review

So-So by Gautaman Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times ...anthanam remains the hero's (Lingaa) sidekick, portraying the same character for the zillionth time. But, yes, Radha Ravi (whose father, MR, Radha, was a great screen villain) in a small role - as the father of Sinha's Bharathi - caught one's eye. - See more at: full review

So-So by Joginder Tuteja, Movie Talkies ...Still, with Rajinikanth there is some flair that comes in such clichéd sequences as well, something that was well demonstrated with the seetis and taalis that accompanied him every time he got into action. This only went on to showcase again that his movies are best enjoyed with the crowds, something that pretty much turns out to be the case with Lingaa as well... full review

So-So by Saisuresh Sivaswamy, Rediff ...Director K S Ravikumar’s last outing was the atrocious Hindi film starring Sanjay Dutt, Policegiri, and going by it he should be given a wide berth. But he does have some good films to his credit in Tamil, including Kamal Hassan’s Dasavatharam. He also directed Rajni in two films, both block-busters: Padaiyappa and Muthu.... full review

So-So by Raja Sen., Rediff ...n it's own way the film tries to be progressive and forward-thinking, but this isn't about that. It's about a man who brings pleasure to his people. Much like its ridiculous hot-air balloon climax, then, Lingaa is a gas. ... full review

So-So by S Saraswathi, Rediff ...K S Ravikumar’s Lingaa works only because of the charisma and enigmatic screen presence of the Superstar.... full review

So-So by KS Ravikumar, Sify Movies ...The screenplay of Lingaa skittles from cliché to cliché, packing in every stereotype you can think of. What saves this film from complete disappointment is Rajinikanth the larger-than-life superstar. On the whole, Lingaa is a well-worn, formulaic fare that might appeal to viewers who find comfort in the familiar, and who are still excited by the age-old hackneyed stories about a mass hero turning savior to a village. If it's not entirely unwatchable, you have Rajinikanth to thank! ... full review

Thumbs down by Krish Sripada, Desi Martini ...An amazing movie, if it were released 30 years ago. In present day, just a nightmarish bore!... full review

Thumbs down by kiranm, Desi Martini ...For a Rajnikanth Multi-starrer flick, Lingaa turns out to be rather boring... full review

Thumbs down by Baradwaj Rangan, The Hindu ...Rajinikanth’s films work best when he’s butting horns with a strong adversary – the deranged Neelambari in Padayappa, or Rajinikanth himself playing a robotic terror in Enthiran. The villain here is unintentionally hilarious (just watch him wrap his tongue around words like “nayavanjagam”). With the preordained outcome, the stakes are negligible.... full review