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Lafangey Parindey satisfies my urge to see a gripping drama. Deepika Padukone and Neil Nitin Mukesh showcase all the masala, and yet it doesn't become too much for the palate to take. A film jis mein emotion bhi hai d-rrrama bhi hai t-rrragedy bhi hai (a popular dialogue from Sholay which translates to has emotion, drama, tragedy) and comedy and action too - and all in good portions.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just hoping in the midst of silly captions in the promos there is a nicely made love story in there…

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The Lafangey Parindey promos greet you with a level of lame no one can be proud of - 'One-shot Nandu', 'He is wild, she is blind', 'He was born to fight', 'She was born to fly', 'He'll teach her to see', 'She'll teach him to love'. (gag at the last one there.) Oh and I spared you the distress caused by some 'mard-dard' line in the beginning.

The more I read about Lafangey Parindey, the more worried I got. There was this article about how rotten fish were brought into the set. This was for a scene in which Neil Nitin Mukhesh's character, Nandu is teaching Deepika Padukone's character to see. I am assuming this is by using her other sensory organs. Uhhh...If someone has to use rotten fish to accentuate the sense of smell, isn't their sense of smell beyond repair?

I have another question. The story is supposedly set in the underbelly of big-bad Mumbai. And our lady, Deepika Padukone is an ace skater. How does someone not-exactly-affluent get into a sport like skating, that too blind? I can Neil Nitin Mukesh getting passionate about beating and getting voluntarily beaten up, but skating will take some convincing.

Ok-ok, I'll get over it! I just hope all my questions and beyond will be answered more than satisfactorily this coming Friday, Aug 20.

Unfortunately, one apprehension is just leading me to another. From the initial looks, I'm not too convinced about the casting. Deepika Padukone's frozen-spine posture just doesn't come across as that of a girl who's grown up in the dark streets of Mumbai. Nor does the language sound convincing. And the stills of her dance postures look off, awkward, weird.

Deepika Padukone Posture
Deepika Padukone Dance Still

But the hope is that Neil Nitin Mukesh might just fit the bill as the macho who has no clue how to handle his feelings for a girl. His confusion comes through even in the trailers and looks like within the lame lines there are a few endearing moments.

Also, cringeworthy promos make me worry. I hate going into a film with such baggage. So, I dug a bit further, till I saw some ray of hope. And like always you do find out the thought behind the process. Whether or not I like the film, the people who have worked on it have put in their sweat and blood, their mind, soul, and heart. And no one can take away from that -

I also enjoyed this other unique promotion technique.

Oh yeah and there's supposed to be a liplock to lure us into the theater, Neil's first ever on-screen one at that!

The music is by R Anandh, known for is ad-jingles for Limca, and this is his debut album. Music reviews in general have liked the album. Milliblog gives R. Anandh a warm welcome. IBN says the music is entertaining. Rediff finds it irresistibly whimsical. Musicaloud loved 3 of the 6 tracks. Hindustan Times calls the album a solid, confident debut. Indian Express finds a different flavor in each song. Glamsham predicts a chartbuster and Megzone can't stop listening to it.