Review - Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana: …except that the kudis can't do without their 'mundas'

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Remember that friend of yours? The one who forced you into watching a crappy movie you didn’t want to go to at all? Perfect time for revenge – praise this one and send him/her to the movie. Of course, you still have to figure a way to keep yourself out of it.

The tag-line reads - Why should boys have all the fun? The only fun the story-writer could imagine girls having involved either talking about their men or getting a man for the only unattached girl. But obviously, the only fun thing to do is to get various types of beauty treatments. Someone here needs a better exposure to girls!!! It’s sad to realize that these actresses agreed to portray their gender in such light.

The story starts at a good pace with three friends (Rekha, Vasundhara Das, Kim Sharma) wanting to find the fourth one (Mahima Choudhary) a groom. It finishes with trying to make you feel sorry for Rekha’s selfish character and her four failed marriages. The second half is like you are in a car driving uphill in fourth gear. How it travels from the first to the second is something you can live without watching.

I am not sure whether the gorgeous Rekha “needs” to do this or not. What I am certain of though, is that she “should” not do such movies. We should thank the director for letting her be on her own for most of the second half where she plays the darker shades of her character. But it was too little and too late. Also, he took it too far and let her do it for too long, making it boring. Though I have my reservations about the use of ‘din dhal jaaye’ (the classic from Guide) for that particular scene, Rekha has sung it beautifully. Yes, you read that right, the lady can sing! And as always can seduce. That too, being fully-clad – full-sleeve blouse, sari, et al. Compared to the other barely-clad women who could hardly deliver a dialogue, let alone successfully seduce.

The technical values were off too – dubbing, music, make-up, cinematography (half the movie looked like it was shot out of focus), and dialogues (five half-funny lines don’t count).

First half – loud, second half – sermonizing, whole movie - pointless: doesn’t quite work for an audience that wants to be entertained. Oh, by the way, you also have to make sure that the friend we were talking about does not read this review.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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