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So superfluous is the depiction of love that you wonder what a fool you are to have taken ages to fall in and out of love. Such is the whole drama that you begin to doubt your potential to fall in love, let alone caring about who the protagonist should fall in love with. All this in the 80s style of filming and loving.



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Wogma Review

Right from one of the cheesiest title sequences of the past few years, second only to maybe Welcome you can tell you are going to paraphrase the title from "Who should I love?" to kisse badla loon? "Who should I avenge?". But yet we are fair around here, so we don't pass judgment until we've seen it through to the end credits. No respite in sight. Oh well...

What is so bad about the film? I think it'll just be easier to start with what's good about the film. Well, you can see Arshad Warsi's comic timing genius when he's trying to make the best of the sorriest lines ever. Especially when he tries to muster half-a-smile out of you with the references to masturbation. Why he does this to himself (no pun intended), I'm willing to give my right tiny toe to know.

Ashish Chodary ... ok, now that's not a typo nor is it me trying to crack a good one, that's how his name is spelt in the opening credits! Anyway, Ashish - I admire him for his capacity to make a fool out of himself - film after film after film - playing a dog fetching biscuits or just acting human-silly. Anyway, you can't associate too much intelligence with someone who's signed a script like this. Ditto for Yash Tonk.

The women do what women in such films do - play dumb, hold one expression throughout as if they are charged a fine if they changed it. Same rules seemed to have been applied to the costume designer who was told to make the most unwearable outfits possible.

The story line of course is that these three are friends and generate loads of money though they don't really have a means of livelihood. Sorry, I digress. One of them falls in love with a girl who can't stand the sight of the other two. And so the battle begins. But since this is not enough masala to make a 80s film, we have a villain, an inspector, and a godfather thrown in. And since it is after all not a film from the 80s, we have random references to them sprinkled across.

Actually it's wrong to call the references random because that'd be like saying only they are random. The entire product is one huge display of arbitrary human misbehavior. What exactly is anyone thinking while writing, directing, producing something like this is beyond me. Just plain incomprehensible.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Random shooting and fighting.
  • Language: There are references to masturbation. There's a prostitute in the picture too who uses supposedly seductive language.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: There is random cleavage display and of course women in skimpy clothes. Also the aforementioned references.
  • Concept: Friendship, betrayal, love - all in an extremely superfluous manner.
  • General Look and Feel: Very loud and garish. And of course, songs randomly thrown in.

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