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Lage Raho Munnabhai (LRM) meets Jab We Met but without the charm or humor of either. Vidya Balan blends Janvi of LRM with Suman of Munnabhai MBBS. Shahid Kapoor plays chocolate hero, again! Aziz Mirza is still in I'm directing Shah Rukh Khan mode.



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Staring at the computer. Checking the thesaurus. Wrecking my brain. Checking thesaurus again. There is really no other word for "predictable" that wholesomely describes Kismat Konnection's story, dialogues, character transformations, etc, etc, etc. The title clearly says that it's all konnected by kismat. So, no points for asking why it is set in Canada (or should that be Kanada?)

Which also means that you are demented if you complain about all the happy coincidences when boy meets girl, loses her, wins her back or maybe not. But looks like, asking for 'unique' coincidences is asking for too much. Movies like these have been our staple diet when we were growing up, dear movie makers! It's high time you begin respecting that and show us something more. And just zip up on the tacky symbolic lights-out-luck-down, lights-on-fate-bright bit! It truly makes my eyes hurt from rolling.

And the dialogues have the same effect, when my brain involuntarily says out the words two seconds before the characters do. Before, I can control it from doing so. Hell, let alone the dialogues, the lyrics of the songs are just prose set to tunes, and have no poetry. And, the music didn't work for me in the promos and didn't work for me while watching the movie.

Well, it's not like this one doesn't have its moments. Juhi Chawla and the lines given to her had me in splits for the 7 minutes she was on screen. Then there's this one scene where Vidya Balan's character, Priya describes her idea of an ideal match, which culminates into a lovely romantic moment. But those are about the 9 minutes that I enjoyed in the movie.

The other romantic moments are either as if no one in the movie's team has been romantic after the 80s (stuffed toys as gifts, p-l-e-a-s-e!). Or real romance is so cheesy that it's better to portray this dream world where a squeaky toy can make a heart-broken girl smile than think of genuine romantic situations.

Vidya Balan is one actor who can convey sensuousness through her facial expressions and doesn't really need a 'hot' body to convey that. Which means you need no leather pants in your wardrobe, lady! She looks great though, or at least much better than I thought she would after Heyy Babyy. Thanks to the camera decisions of mostly focusing on her upper body and more so the charming face. And that's the end of intelligent or smart camerawork decisions. Because, the lighting had this uncanny way of making the streets of Canada look like they were studio sets. Or were they actually sets?

And it's obvious that director Aziz Mirza has gotten so used to directing Shah Rukh Khan that almost through half the movie, I had to remind myself that it's Shahid Kapoor I'm watching. And it completely doesn't work when he tried to pull an Amitabh Bachchan from Namakhalal by spouting fast monologues on a sport.

But then, there's this thing that Shahid's eyes do that make you wish he gets the girl even if it's the most expected thing to happen story-wise. Yet the puppy eyes fail to convince me that he's this struggling architect who magically owns a largish house in Canada, a convertible, a large screen TV and yet is broke.

So, you're not allowed to forget that the operative word in the title is "Kismat" - luck, fortune, destiny, whatever you would like to call it as the opening, boring voiceover monologue by Shah Rukh Khan reminds you. klearly kommon kismat konnection is more like it.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None!
  • Sexual content: None!
  • Concept: It's a plain, regular boy meets girl story.
  • General Look and Feel: The visuals are all bright and peppy. But, I wonder what you will do when you are get tired of predicting each and every word.

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Kismat Konnection Review...

Lage Raho Munnabhai (LRM) meets Jab We Met but without the charm or humor of either. Vidya Balan blends Janvi of LRM with Suman of Munnabhai MBBS. Shahid Kapoor plays chocolate hero, again! Aziz Mirza is still in I'm directing Shah Rukh Khan mode....

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[...] Meetu writes off Kismat Konnection. Her “quick review” says: Lage Raho Munnabhai (LRM) meets Jab We Met but without the charm or humor of either. Vidya Balan blends Janvi of LRM with Suman of Munnabhai MBBS. Shahid Kapoor plays chocolate hero, again! Aziz Mirza is still in I’m directing Shah Rukh Khan mode. Linked by BA. Join Blogbharti facebook group. [...]


dont agrry with you.this is a watched for its social concern.


meetu u r absolutely stupid...u dont know hw to review movies i've watched the movie and itz perfectly rocking...u r not a gud reviewer i wonder who has given u rightz of diz site...u dud..!!!meetu plz stop reviewing..!!!itz a gud advice fr u...hw can u give the lead actors 2 marks for acting r u mad..??? and u hav given 1 mark to mr aziz mirza hw u dare do dat.??
u know hw aged n talented he iz..??
plz stop reviewing...!!!i rate this movie as 3/5


ajay brahmatamj's review of kismat konnection on chavanni chap


Hey Adnan

To each his own dude.. Stop criticizing the reviewer..

You liked it, she didnt.. ismein dare karne ki kya baat hai :|


Thanks, Ashok! :) Support from fellow bloggers means a lot!


Time pass movie as well as entertaining.Sahid improving day by day though his best performance hasn't come yet but his acting impress me.Wish him all the best in future.


I agree with Arijit.
Movie is ok.But i have found less energy in vidya.


I have seen this movie,though the concept was good,but it hadn't directed well.


i saw dis movie it was gud i lyked shahid's act but nt much as in jab we met n it was tooo short film! it must hv been lil extended!!!

i personally think tht it was more or less gud!


Predictable..I so agree

Kismet connection was a really horrible movie(why it did any business whatsoever is beyond me). And I agree that the Balan gurl looks really uncomfortable in western attire. Her looks and body language is suited best for Indian clothes. I wish she woud realize that. The movie had nothing to salvage it..a total disaster


Yeah - this was one that both my wife Tammy and Bruce's wife Kathy wanted to watch, so we did…. to all our disappointment. Vidya Balan, who we like, is really good in this, bringing her hardheaded idealism and romantic vulnerability to a young woman trying to save a senior center/clinic from a mall developer - only she's the "good luck charm" of Shahid Kapoor's architect who's trying to get the contract to build that mall! It's old wine poured into old bottles - if you took away the computers, mobile phones and a few feints at political activism, this movie could have been done at any time in the last half-century, as part of any country's movie industry. In fact, I'm pretty sure this script, sans dance numbers, was turned down by Jill Clayburgh and Alan Alda back in 1970s Hollywood!

While I can enjoy a derivative masala if it's well-written, directed and acted with great musical numbers, this film just feels off, somehow. It's not that Shahid Kapoor can't be an engaging lead (both JAB WE MET and BADMAASH COMPANY proved he's got talent and presence), but this really isn't the right part for him. When he tries for Shahrukh Khan's patented "sleazy-but-lovable rogue reformed by a good woman", he comes off more like slimy, pushy and guilt-ridden - and certainly not deserving of the woman he supposedly loves' affections! He's better as a basically good person compromised by circumstance (which he tries to play, but thanks to the script his character is all over the map!) - though I would love to see him tackle a serious role as a completely unsympathetic cad who coasts on his charm sometime.

Om Puri is having fun playing the Om Puri role, though honestly - would somebody get that man a Cavalry company to lead, so he could courageously defends India against all comers? And yeah, Juhi Chawla as the psychic "Haseena Bano Jaan" steals the movie - she needs her own comedy series, like the Munna Bhai ones.

Oh, the guy playing the competing architect? He was so slimy I wanted to go into the movie and punch him in the face! Don't know who the actor was, or if he's ever worked again….

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