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Khiladi 786 - Twitter Reviews

Khiladi 786

quick review:

Exactly what we expected. At times, that's a good thing, getting what you came for. At other times, like this one, it is loud and insufferable.

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111 tweeters have given Khiladi 786 an average rating of 3.0/5.0(?)

60 yays
40 nays
11 so-so
  • zohrabanu1: Khiladi 786 not worth the watch
  • zeenat539: Loved Khiladi 786 @akshayKumar never fails to impress!! #inAwe
  • yavrajsingh: khiladi 786 superb moive
  • vishalpratham3c: film khiladi 786 full entertain movies.with commercial as well as human begins .great job .well done all team member.thanks god
  • vikashgicts: khiladi\786 is good movie but not to good as like as rowdy or omg
  • vijaytextronics: Nice comedy movie KHILADI 786
  • uvmahajan: khiladi 786 roXx.....aWsuM movie.......
  • URVII_A: Khiladi 786 was a great movie:)
  • UnicefRohan: Khiladi 786- an average movie. A ONE time watch. Himesh has done a good job #Khiladi786, #Himesh
  • Ujjwalsinha7: Khiladi 786 is very nice movie
  • T_Durrani: I rated Khiladi 786 2/10 #IMDb
  • Swami_i: don't think even a combination of khiladi 786,rajnikanth and the justice league can prevent Man City from losing this one.
  • SRKJTHJ: Watched Khiladi 786...wasted my time that I will never get back & worse lowered my IQ. Smh whats Wrong with Bwood.??
  • sinhasandeep: What an awesome movie, Khiladi 786 :)
  • ShivnathGawde: I enjoy the movie KHILADI 786.......FULL 2 TIMEPASSSSSSSS 100% entertaining movie, right from start to finish....
  • shauryashukla6: khiladi 786 not a fully masala @akshaykumar
  • Sayyed_Hrehaan: Warning: Watch Khiladi 786 @ Own Risk.
  • satbirbhatia55: Saying khiladi 786 is an entertainer is like saying if you keep your child starved, he will be on UNICEF posters...!!
  • saraswat_manoj: Khiladi 786 rocking
  • Salil5555: Sunday time.....Khiladi 786........3rd time
  • SahilSingla0: Khiladi 786 is the very nice film. Akshay and Asin u rock again. music,action,comedy and drama in this film very much. i love it !!!
  • sachinchodhary2: Thanx akshay 4 give us wonderful movie .' KHILADI 786',
  • ruta_aj: Khiladi 786 - totally enjoyed it, my type of movie with my type of people!
  • ruchijoshi2: Khiladi 786 is a must watch, but not in a movie hall [An honest review] #aglasem
  • roohaniyagnik1: Khiladi 786! Undoubtedly the best movie ever xD
  • RohitBanawlikar: Khiladi 786 is proof that God is dead and Neitschze was right.
  • RKKumarOfficial: Watch Khiladi 786 in theatres now!
  • rjanup: Khiladi 786 -2/5 Mirchis - Rj anup
  • rgmujtaba: Khiladi 786 boring
  • Rehan0889: KHILADI 786 Slapstick comedy... Quite entertaining..... :)
  • Ravi74: just watched KHILADI 786... IT WAS GOOD BUT saved claps for DABANG 2
  • Rashna_Sharma: I have seen talaash and khiladi 786 loved khiladi 786 it was funny
  • rajindergill888: khiladi 786 sirraaaaaaaaaaaa movie....... superrrrrbbbbbbbbb ......................
  • rahulkanika: So far worst movie "Khiladi 786". Worst actor "Himesh".
  • Raghavrathi_me: Khiladi 786 ruins khiladi series name..
  • Pushpendra992: Mast entertainer is khiladi 786, akshay kumar undoubtedly most versatile actor of industry finally did some...
  • Pushkarph: WATCHED khiladi 786 #nycmovie But Kumar sound iz ftal...
  • Pulkitttt: Khiladi 786 What A WASTE Of MONEY !! LAME Movie !!
  • praveenmishra55: Khiladi 786 dekhte waqt kripya apna dimaag ghar pe chhod de,another entertainer frm Akshay Kumar,PAISA WASOOL!!!!
  • PRATHUJHALANI: Khiladi 786 rocks...what a movie...72 singh awusum performance...@akshaykumar ..
  • poojalapasia123: khiladi 786 is full time entertainment movies..
  • pawansingh807: Jst wtchd khiladi 786.. Full on enTrtaing.... Awsmm
  • Obaidniyazkhan: Just now watched khiladi 786.senseless movie.
  • nshiuy: Saw Khiladi 786.Gud comedy movie.It ws a treat 2 hear @shreyaghoshal's voice in theatre again..d major reason I went for d movie
  • narendrabora: Khiladi 786 not a good one..
  • Mukeshg81431234: Hi aksay i like u.ur picture khiladi 786 was awesome movie.ur acting was gud in movie.congrass for success this movie.
  • Mrr__Perfect: Khiladi 786 Is really very good movie!!! @akshaykumar Rocks! :P
  • MoiezSmurfy: Rating Khiladi 786 4/10 #Bollywood
  • Maswoodkhan: Khiladi 786 - Not a good movie.
  • manisha_2712: Khiladi 786-What a pathetic movie! Action or comedy movie-confused! All were laughing not at th jokes but at the silliness including action
  • manipalblog: Khiladi 786... Full too time-pass.. leave your brains behind and laugh your guts out...
  • mahju_ashraf: Never in my wildest dreams did i think in wud watch "Khiladi 786" in a theatre!! :'( Almost slept off!!
  • madhurjayne: Khiladi 786 is as bad as i expected.
  • MaaNey: Khiladi 786 definitely wasted the very funny "Bharti" from comedy circus and jdj, not even one joke!
  • kismatsneham: Khiladi 786 is nice comedy film... Must watch the once....
  • kishlaykrishna: hello every one, how r u? its really sad that khiladi 786 has got one star rating while it deserves for atleast 2 and half star.
  • Khiladi72singh: KHILADI 786 FULL PAISA VASUL
  • Kanheiyaagrawal: Khiladi 786 3.O/5.O ---- All credit goes to Bebe , 71 72 73 n 74 =D
  • kamal_thewriter: #khiladi 786..full on entertainor..paisa wasool..must watch..bus dimag ghar pe rakh ke jana..
  • jigneshumrigar1: Khiladi 786 is a superhit movie
  • JessicaSisk: Khiladi 786 was surprisingly boring. Even the fights were boring as they were 90% slow motion and staring-Asin was lovely #findgoodfilmsgurl
  • jaisanrai: Khiladi 786 was a great movie :)
  • IshveenaKaur: Khiladi 786 was good. Good jokes. Made me feel proud to be a punjabi. And I am...
  • iRowdyBoss: Khiladi 786 - Awesome movie.Most funny evr. Gr8 action scenes. Car scene is pure amazing. Loved Longdrive on big screen #Khiladi786 [1/4]
  • Indian_19: watched KHILADI 786 .. extreme actions n emotions... loved a movie aftr long time.
  • imprincessminxy: Khiladi 786 was awesome! Loved it! :D
  • iLostMyHandle: A friend who saw Khiladi 786 said Ek tha Tiger was a classic in comparison
  • iamharshitmehta: khiladi 786....bakwaas movie of d year
  • iamark13: Khiladi 786 : Bollywood need a change in the name of masala .I am fed up with this type of films .
  • HunnerdeepSingh: Khiladi 786 is badman movie! Way better than Dabaang. #Hurrrrrrrrr
  • GREATGKUMAR: KHILADI 786 rockx....... 4th hit of the year for AKKI..... THE REAL KHILADI OF BOLLYWOOD..... I GIVE 3.5 STAR
  • grahamdwn: 'Khiladi 786': true dhamaal, Akshay style by
  • GirishTech: Khiladi 786 is SHIT.Recent movies Shitness meter- JTHJ<Talaash<Khiladi 786, next is Dabang 2 *sigh*
  • d_iv1404: Any reviwes on khiladi 786!! Is it worth a look
  • drmohit88: Khiladi 786 fully entertaining movie...yo!
  • DJRafsy: ... Didn't get what I expected from khiladi 786.. nevertheless music is awesome.. good job himesh bhai..
  • dhvanilzaveri1: Khiladi 786 Awesome Movie :-)
  • dhruv_kumar: Khiladi 786: Ultimate Shit...!! Naa aisi movie kabhi isse pehle bani hai aur naa he aage bann sakti hai...
  • devc7ronaldo: Wtchng khiladi 786 ...great movie yaar...
  • chillnews2: Udita Jhunjhunwala’s Review: ‘Khiladi 786? – Ridiculous & Tiresome - Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar & Asin...
  • Buntyraicha: hey guyz recently seen talash nd khiladi 786. Its owsme nw waitng 4 dabang2.
  • bsandeep1: Saw khiladi 786 today, I say its one tym watch movie n den had my dinner at hanuman dhaba !
  • BlowinZees: just watched Khiladi 786, nice movie tbh. LOL I got a good laugh out of it
  • bilz_111: saw the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan n Khiladi 786 in Cinepax Rawalpindi...i did nt like both the movies... absurd...
  • bhupeshpal56: today i wached move khiladi 786 it was supup move yar nice action move with comedy i have full enjoy wed family..
  • BeingBihari: Its My Request, Plz Dont Watch Khiladi 786,,, Its even more #Bakwas than Drona and Mausam
  • bapnajignesh: Here are the rating for the weekend releases! Khiladi 786 - 2* Hotel Transylvania - 3* 10ml Love - 3* Playing For Keeps - 2*
  • AyogRai: Best Comedy Dialogue Of 2012 In Khiladi 786.....lovely Comedy My Rating is 9.5/10
  • awesomewax: Khiladi 786 offers nothing new. Akshay Kumar is dull and uncharismatic. Good performances from Himesh/Mithun 2/5
  • ashissarangi: KHILADI 786 is a logic less entertainer ... Give laughter at spurts ....!!!!!
  • appysharma87: khiladi 786 nice movie akshay fantastic role asin also quite impressive action in the movie too good can see the movie it is super hit
  • apoorvsharma007: The only advantage of Khiladi 786 is that it serves as a proof that ROWDY RATHODE Is not the worst released film of 2012
  • ansharma_amar: last night went to watch Khiladi 786, - A onetime movie in my opinion.
  • ankitxtreme: Khiladi 786 Really Awesome Movie... Must Watch :D :P
  • ankitdgogri: Khiladi 786.... Waste of time, but time passed when u have spare free time.... :p #movietime
  • amna_ikram: What a wastage of time Khiladi 786
  • AmnaAhmad2010: Khiladi 786.....complete entertainer.....
  • alleyAsh17: Watched Khiladi 786 today..was a comical\nice movie
  • ajitabhbhardwaj: Fully entertained movie KHILADI 786 :)
  • AgniBankai: I think Akshay Kumar should watch Khiladi one more time,then watch Khiladi 786 & realise how much raping of the Khiladi name has happened.
  • AfternoonNBC: Review: Khiladi 786 …. Most annoying film ever
  • adukianidhi: Khiladi 786..#disappointment
  • adi_krish: Khiladi 786 awesome....Akshay at its best....
  • AdityaSingh9: Khiladi 786: A Complete Entertainer. Action, Comedy and Drama. Well Done, Akshay Kumar.
  • abbas_haiderr: Teen cheezein bada irritate karti hain : Biwi ki jhikjhik, ghadi ki tik tik aur Himesh ki kahani ka logic. #Khiladi 786
  • aadityas6001: khiladi 786 superb moive akshay and himesh rock and asin and mithun sir superb super hit hai..............
  • 8Varsha: watched Khiladi 786 second tym 2dayy.. its a good movie.. luvd akshay nd his family in the movie...!!! :P #Khiladi786
  • 72sInGbAcK: Reviw..... 'Khiladi 786', with its pedestrian humour, inane plot, and hammy performances
  • 23cdoc: khiladi 786... full entertainment...
  • 1mPkd: i think Khiladi 786 is a great great hit flim.

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Comments (5)


good movie


@sagar To Each His Own

@divyanshu Thank you! I'm glad there's someone who appreciates. :D

@B H Harsh naah, can't let such movies get to me. Not angry, more bored and slightly frustrated. :)


@Divyanshu :) thanks. Apologies about the rating goof-up. It's a technical glitch we have been working on.


I think Akshay should now stop working in such pictures every now and then he does one such movie.


Meetu - weren't the KHILADI movies originally supposed to be somewhat serious? Or were they always meant to be tongue-in-cheek, and we recent American fans just weren't up enough on Bollywood culture to be in on the joke...?

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