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No surprises. Same ol' bottle same ol' wine.



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Good news - no devastating damage done (to put things in perspective, this is the guy who starred in Aap kaa Suroor) Bad news - We saw this almost 25 years ago and can watch it again at home any time we like! Then, pray tell us, why would we want to see Himessss-bhai instead of chintu-mama?

It's going to be claimed that the target is not the multiplex cine-goer but the "masses". Tell me, which section enjoys Himesh fainting down like every other pregnant woman in Hindi movies? And which section is going to be mesmerized by Urmila's fairy-tale-like vampish gait?

Character sketches in movies like these are just amazing. For instance, the woman is given such an important place in the story line...after all our man is completely and unquestioningly smitten by her...and yet her function is less than that of a prop. She just exists. It must be some sort-of an art to make the object of 'true love' a bystander whose primary function is to lick ice-creams and go on a soft toy fetish. Damn, she doesn't even bother to offer support when the man of her life has disclosed the inner turmoil he's going through!

In the 80's we thoroughly enjoyed if not thrived on the cinematic liberties taken. But hasn't the audience matured at least a bit since then? Even if each and every character, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, in Karzzzz have the best anti-aging cosmetics at their disposal. You are helpfully given 'then and now' transitions of brand ambassador Urmila Matondkar as proof. None of the characters manage an extra wrinkle, or an extra inch. I want whatever they are having!

Oh, by the way, if you were thinking the makers were ingenious enough to only take from one movie made previously, get set to be proven wrong. Kabira (Danny Denzongpa) is given only lines from old Hindi movies to fit the particular situation. They are relevant enough so, it doesn't become painful. Though every time someone said "kudrat ka karishma" (nature's freak miracle), I felt like saying, "not really, it happened more than 25 years ago (if not earlier)." And then you have the blatant references to Deewar, Shaan, Mr. India. Not to mention the mimicry artist of a villain, bad man, Gulshan Grover doing a Feroze Khan-cum-Shaakal look.

Of course, borrowing neither stops at dialogues nor at old Hindi movies. The songs are all seen there, heard that. No-no, I'm not referring to "ek haseena thi" or the signature tune from the original. (Although, the man actually sounds good when other voice-producing organs overpower the mighty nose!) I'm referring to the first song ("ishq is duniya mein") that sounds like Himesh's compositions from earlier movies. And the second, third, and so on numbers which sound like the first. So, we actually have borrowing from the latest movie!

The camerawork, background score etc. do try to give the movie a slick look - what with the action choreographer going for the home run with Himesh flying through a mansion. And however smart you make the movie look when it's about reincarnation, then the half-hearted attempt at logic/logistics in the climax makes you laugh only harder.

One argument could be that if Karz is likeable what's wrong with Karzzzz? It’s the same story after all. But somehow, the balance tilts against a Himesh Reshammiya being snickered at by most members of the audience every time he attempts emotion.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Minimal
  • Nudity and sexual content: None
  • Concept: Betrayal in love, vengeance, reincarnation
  • General Look and Feel: It has a very slick look and is sprinkled with song and dance.

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I somehow have a soft spot for the movies which are doomed by their titles. Which is why I watched "D-rona", "Dar'a'wana", "Drone-On" religiously. But even I am afraid of the Four Z's of Capocalypse.


One must not spend time brooding over Himesh or his hit debut film. True, it is indeed a sad state that our film-makers are out of ideas for they have to remake past films (DON, Karz).

Those who blog or post online are not the ones that make up Himesh's market. Himesh caters to the masses (meaning the majority). It is high time Bollywood went back to basics and made films for the masses instead of being too multiplex-centric. Himesh is a Mass Hero and thats what Aap Ka Suroor proved.


"Capocalypse" Amey! lol!! Brilliant...

Mr. Inketi, true, but it still releases for me too and all I can do is voice my opinion in a small, squeaky voice.

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