Karzzzz - Preview

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No surprises. Same ol' bottle same ol' wine.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering how I'll resist using 'zzzz' and keep myself from taking 'vengeance' in the review if I don't like the movie...

My anxiety is shared by other fans of the original -

God knows what he is going to do to the movie

And this reaction is priceless -

Sad is the state of Indian movies which saw Himesh Reshammiya’s Aap Ka Surroorrr - The Moviieeeiie becoming one of the major hits of the year. I knew it from the onset that the near death experience will not be over soon... ... ... More than a near death experience, Himesh will be handing us a pre-death, through-death AND post-death experience with his next movie Karzzz

Since the lead character is a rockstar and the actor is a music composer and singer with his own fan following, the movie is bound to be a lot about it's music.

I love the music of the original Karz and am only happy that they decided against using the same music. They have composed completely new songs. Thank goodness for some mercies!

But originality doesn't go a long way.

Kulwinder Kally has alleged that Soniye Je Tere Nal, which features in the forthcoming Karzzz that stars Reshammiya himself, was actually written by a Pakistani lyricist, Shaonki Khan, and sung by him.

Read this for a detailed song-by-song hilarious take on the music. And another one who disliked it with equal passion says

The wounds from Himesh’s earlier barrage are still fresh and he’s back doing what he does worst - same hooks, groans, aahs and oohs.

At least we are prepared for the worst. Anything else is only going to be a bonus...