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Jism 2 does nothing to you. It has no material to invoke any kind of emotion from you. Except maybe for a few unintentional laughs.



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45 tweeters have given Jism 2 an average rating of 1.8/5.0(?)

16 yays
29 nays
0 so-so
  • YearOfRat: Hey Bhatts, if you had the money to make Jism 3, why didn't you hire an actual scriptwriter for Jism 2's plot?
  • vishalkumbhar93: Jism 2 is very nice film.....sunny leon so looking beautiful nd hot.sunny leons 1st film in indea.watch today in cinema hall.
  • tonymon4u: JISM-2 ~ six words "sunny leone's worst movie till date"
  • ThisThat_Etc: Jism 2 is such a disaster!
  • sweetcutie_pie: jism 2 super flop movie. disaster seriously
  • SumanSharma: Horrible movie this Jism-2, bad dialogues, bad acting, bad story.. yuck
  • Snipergunner: I would like to personally strangle the guy who wrote Jism 2 screenplay @vivid_details @chinz13 #FML
  • SitaOrMargarita: 'To love her is to die'. To watch her film will do the same. Sunny Leone in Jism 2.
  • SharmeenTaiyebi: Jism 2 was actually a nice movie.
  • SalooriaBoy: Jism 2 is good
  • saikatrahaman: JISM 2 ................full bakwas movie .............ya without sunny leone nothing to see
  • sahil_chraya: Jism 2... -ve 3 stars... Maha bekaar movie...;@
  • sabzywajid: sunny leone in jism 2 so pretty the best check out da movie.
  • RazzManish: Jism 2 best sexy movie in the bollywod
  • PurijaGUN: Jism-2. 1/5 !! Dat one is for locations...else O !!!
  • parikshit810: Plz dont watch Jism 2.Made by a psychotic Pooja Bhat,far fetched story,excellent actors looking like buffons.Sunny L keeps heaving her c ...
  • nikhil7488: Jism 2 is verry bed and third class moovie don't go for that
  • Nandini_RT: Jism 2 is a 'not-to-watch-even-once' movie..all my time wasted n there's hell lot of shit in it! trust me! spare yur lives n DO NOT watch it
  • MofoMunkay: jism 2 was so bad! i cant even point out what was good in that movie. I'm speechless. Its the shittiest movie i've ever seen.
  • MihirBijur: Jism 2 - "To watch this, is to die" #CorrectTagline
  • mandeepmalhi: jism 2 movie not too gudd
  • LoveRct: Just watched jism 2, the worst film of sunny leone, isse pahle jitni film dekhi he sunny wo sab isse better he ;)
  • lionking2278: Jism 2 is the worst movie of the year. UKP Pooja Bhatt.
  • k_nayan2005: jism 2 sucks...:-(
  • kumarpramod815: Jism 2 is the bakwas movie totaly waste the time #jism2
  • kritiyadav5: jism 2 nice movie for lovers
  • ishanc: Arunoday Singh & Randeep Hooda act with an expression as if they are constipated! Most garbage movie of the year! Jism - 2!
  • InvestmentRICH: friends jism 2 must watch movie.... Its an awesome ....
  • hi5_kolkata: Jism 2 Ekdam Faadu Movie Like Gangster..!!
  • hautesaief: You should see Jism 2 for it's cinematography.. and location. Kickass!
  • diwakarp007: Jism 2 worst movie ever i have watched :(
  • debanjan071088: Jism 2 is really awful...
  • dasdeepak: jism 2 ... Bilkul faltu movie he..
  • bohrarohit: Jism 2 such a pathetic movie that even my laptop is denying to play it. #fact
  • Ashwinsadana: Horrible movie-Jism-2..Bad dialogues, bad acting, bad story.. Yuck
  • AshishS19: Juss saw jism 2 .it proves that @RandeepHooda has got something which was hidden,but time taking it's cumng out really well..good work kabir
  • ApurvKamal: Jism 2 bekar movie hain jinko sabko bakwas cheezo mein intrust h go and watch
  • anuja_keluskar: Watched jism 2 ystrday.. Luvd randeep hooda :)
  • anilkumar98111: JISM 2 jo banaya hai wo CHUTIYA HAI nd public ko chutiya banane ke liye YE movie banaya hai
  • amit10112: jism 2.....osummm......macha di......sunny rocks ....osummmm
  • amit001tweets: Jism 2 is nothing but marketing ... Poorest movie ever by Bhatts ... Over simplistic story and poor acting.
  • ajit_ab: jism 2 rocks
  • aarshiya06: Busy day !! Jism 2 was nice muvie...some parts were a bit boring...Sunny Leone looked absolutely beautiful throughout :)
  • 98686748: Jism 2!!! OSUM MOVIEEE!!!!
  • 2010Puri: Jism 2 is incredible movie..