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Jab Tak Hai Jaan

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a romance that does woo you at times you least expect it. But for most parts it doesn't let you forget that it is after all a film.

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[Poster for Jab Tak Hai Jaan] 7 readers have given Jab Tak Hai Jaan an average rating of 4/5.0
3 yays
0 nays
4 so-so
  • Not Interested in Watching by Uma Dixit: Another corny, syrup-smeared SRK+Yash Chopra flick.
  • So-So by Sunil: SRK getting old. Could not match his dance steps with Katrina. Anushka was awesome. Kat was so so.
  • So-So by Rachit Gupta: Take Anushka out and the movie may become unbearable
  • So-So by Simy Mathews: Worth a watch just for SRK and Anushka - still the King of Romance!
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by guddu: SRK is d best
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by amitdhimana: 100
  • So-So by Suman:
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by SIDDHARTH GORE: da muvie was awsum!though a bit lenghthy!!!srk's acting was superb!!

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Comments (10)

Rachit Gupta:

In your parlance... Even the keen wait for DVD... I was pleasantly surprised to see Anushka Sharma outshine both SRK and Katrina in the movie... The only time the movie engages you when she is on screen and she does light up the 70mm... For the two other leads they can do such roles in their sleep... SRK as the brooding lover and Kat as the UK bred who ultimately falls for a desi... I guess other reviewers are being kind to the movie since its his last... There is nothing new in the movie but visually it strikes a very elegant pose... Just wish there was more substance to the story!!!


Yep @Rachit! I agree :D

Simy Mathews:

Spot on with the review Meeta. Anushka was the saving grace for me and SRK of course wins me over with his brooding looks every time. I just do not get Katrina acting as UK bred with her American accent! No chemistry with SRK whatsoever, as wooden as always, cannot figure out the fuss over her. But yes I went to watch it so that I could see Yash Chopra's swan song so to speak!


SRK the icon and king of romance steals the whole show. Holy God give him more years so that he continues to entertain us. Meetu your entitled to give fair review and unbiased , we as audience sometimes get so much immerssed in the character that we overlook the fundamentals of filmaking. This was one such film . I encountered nostalgia while watching this film, i was reminded of the by gone romantic films which Shah Rukh immortalised with his charismatic performance and dialogue. Once again the King earns the respect and loyality from his fans with this film. As for the ladies i can hardky think of comparing them with Kajol and Rani,. .


@Simy Thanks! However, I can't say the same when he acts as if he's angry or wants to kiss... :P Just when he wants to convince his woman, he loves her...that look! That one is what I guess makes him a romantic hero...

@guddu well, I don't know about that really...


Direction: 2
Story: 1.5
Lead Actors: 2.5
Character Artists: 2.5

Dialogues: 2.5
Screenplay: 2
Music Director: 0.5
Lyrics: 2

Story line and screenplay was weak as compared to new generation movies. SRK looked ODD with beautiful KAT. Katrina's acting needs to improve but i guess she doesn't need that because of her beauty. Anushka Sharma was good. The first 20 minutes of the movie was ok but fails to impress after that. Below average music not up to par with yshji movie.


@Suman yes, yes and yes :D

Simy Mathews:

Meeta, I waited for 2 decades to watch SRK do an on-screen kiss and then he finally goes and kisses that plastic Katrina, what a waste!!! How I wish it was Anushka he had kissed on screen.....ah well, hopefully this will be the beginning of many more 'the script demands it' on screen kisses from SRK :-)


Stop saying katrina "plastic" , she performed very convincing and never looked effortless. Atleast better than the skimpy clad anushka who wears tinest shorts and shortest tops when its winter in jammu. :P


@Simy I didn't think it quiet worked. He seemed to stiff when it looked like he wanted to kiss. Not to mention, the direction didn't help. All that slow-mo, those long pauses and the dialogue-baazi surrounding the kiss(es) just killed the spontaneity. I have little hope of seeing a decent kiss from any of our "stars"!

@Guddu Well, Katrina was in short dresses in the winters of London. But, anyway, that is the director's call, hardly the artists'. And for me Katrina was just the usual, nothing close to what she can do like say she did in ZNMD or even in Mere Brother ki Dulhan.

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