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wogma rating: Even the keen, wait for DVD (?)
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A few lovely, honest moments; good performances but zero story doesn't work for this “boy meet girl” film.



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96 tweeters have given Jab Harry Met Sejal an average rating of 1.6/5.0(?)

28 yays
62 nays
6 so-so
  • _f01n: I watched Jab Harry Met Sejal today. I don't know why I watched it.
  • vishwas33648948: romance+comedy+good story=jab harry met sejal shahrukh sir and anushka Sharma u just nailed it
  • ViniGeance: Jab we met >> Jab Harry Met Sejal proves its important to focus on ourselves than on others. #JHMS #HappyFriendshipDay
  • vasu_1001: Prime Minister to announce a compensation of Rs. 1 lac to the ones affected by disaster called Jab Harry Met Sejal.
  • vasundharagupta: Not only did they name the movie 'Jab Harry Met Sejal' but also forgot to make it interesting. #WastedSunday
  • vaayaadippennu: Jab Harry Met Sejal ----below average movie #myopinion
  • urstrulyRadhika: Jab Harry Met Sejal review: Anushka Sharma lost the ring. Imtiaz ali lost the script. Shahrukh Khan lost the reputation. :/// #JHMS
  • ultchittayeol: Just saw Jab Harry Met Sejal! It was really good, they even stopped in Portugal after they won the euro cup lmao
  • tu_13dekh_: Jab Harry Met Sejal is average. People who are saying Rockstar ke baad Imtiaz bekaar hogaya. Rockstar bhi bakwaas hi thi if not for music.
  • tsoftserv: Jab harry met Sejal Don't go to watch Maha bakwas movie
  • tranquil_glow: Jab Harry met Sejal.. what a waste of time and money :-(
  • Thoughts_ByP: Jab Harry Met Sejal is the second-worst disaster to have hit India. First being, Happy New Year. #HarryMetSejal
  • TheDnote: Imtiaz Ali's film may lack depth, but there's a lot to love https://t.co/nDBTZkWUPi
  • ThakurRishiraj: “इस ग्रह की अब तक की सबसे घटिया फिल्म है जब हैरी मेट सेजल” https://t.co/8Lvgop2Wr0
  • sunilsa08484109: Watched jab harry met sejal . . . It is a brilliant movie . . . Great performances by srk and anuska. . .
  • Sohrabamaan: Jab harry met sejal, they shit together.
  • snowflakes_01: Just watched Jab Harry Met Sejal and I loved it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️@iamsrk @SRKUniverse
  • shambhavi_rp: Loved each and every part of the movie Jab Harry met Sejal!!
  • Shah_RukhShafiq: the best part of the new SRK movie Jab Harry Met Sejal was "The Interval". :D
  • SaqibTanveer: Don't waste your money on Jab Harry Met Sejal. Good acting and expressions but no story whatsoever. Drag.
  • Sanjay290Sanjay: ShantiDoot | Hindi News | Views | Editorial: जाने क्यों उम्मीदों पर खरी नहीं उतरी 'जब हैरी मेट ... https://t.co/ehpCls3xob
  • sanj9: Jab Harry Met Sejal Flop Movie of 2017 Flop flop flop
  • Sambuddha_RK2: My top3 films so far of 2017 1 Hindi Medium 2 Jab Harry Met Sejal 3 Badrinath
  • samartaqvii: jab harry met sejal 10/10 just don't watch with ur dad lol
  • Sabiyaah_: just watched jab harry met sejal and ngl but it was SHIT
  • Saamanaonline: बडा घर…पोकळ वासा! https://t.co/gmNWFXQtn8 #JabHarryMetSejal https://t.co/5r6UrdltHm
  • saaddon00723: jab harry met sejal reviews ghtiya 3rd class movie srk kesi movies kr rha ha bus paisey bnane ka shoq ho gya ha neend ana lg gai thi
  • Rubensprotector: Jab harry met Sejal is ahead of its times ..like most Imtiaz Ali films ..its very good ..and Shahrukh Khan @iamsrk so good &so underrated
  • RohitJainWorld: Jab harry met sejal is disappointing.
  • rhysnik: #JAB_HARRY_MET_SEJAL my final verdict except the STORY the film is AWESOME!
  • rekrishnan: Jab Harry Met Sejal isn’t just a filmmaking failure; it’s an abomination – a 144-minute formulaic fest designed... https://t.co/yhaBcZvrPe
  • rajdeepkumar789: jab harry met sejal big flop
  • rajathkumar: My blog on #JHMS This film is criminally boring, glossed to bandage the convoluted mess that lies within. https://t.co/ssIaTLkSOj
  • rahulnsingh: I watched Jab Harry Met Sejal and it's a good movie. Don't understand the negative reviews &quite undeserved. 3.5/5 #JabHarryMetSejalreview
  • QweenOfHells: Blue Whale Challenge no. 3 Watch 'Jab Harry Met Sejal' in theatre and come back alive coz suicide is challenge no. 51
  • puneetgujar: Jab Harry met Sejal is so bad that govt should ban it immediately, blue whale can wait!!
  • praptibagga: Eevn after 20 yrs ... SRK can still makes my heart skip a beat...Jab Harry Met Sejal!! #NEVERTOMISSSRKMOVIE... https://t.co/Gp0dpQ7Z09
  • piquant_prose: Jab Harry Met Sejal has zero substance. Which might have been fine if it were incredibly entertaining, but it;'s not even that.
  • Pasadenx_x: jab Harry met sejal is such a cute film I LOVE SHAH RUKH KHAN
  • pal_ween: Jab Harry Met Sejal is a total waste of money+time
  • nohjustshutup: Jab harry met sejal is a very stupid movie
  • NivedanTrehan: I rated Jab Harry met Sejal (2017) 8/10 #IMDb https://t.co/BGnIg45vlF
  • Nid0_0: For All Movie buffs Watched Jab Harry Met Sejal last Night Review: Good Movie 7/10 I Would Recommend it to all.
  • NamkeenJalebi: Watched Jab Harry Met Sejal. Missed Jab We Met way too much.
  • MrALiKhanAK: Salman Khan: TubeLight - FLOP ShahRukh Khan: Jab Harry Met Sejal - FLOP
  • MiraFakhoury: Jab Harry Met Sejal left everyone unhappy. A solo SRK release happened after Fan but it failed to encash his superstardom. #JHMS
  • mikesh_gala27: Love stories which occur while travelling are so beautiful and Jab harry met sejal is a perfect example.@iamsrk @AnushkaSharma
  • mawrarmeena: Loved Jab Harry Met Sejal!!
  • ManaliK13: Jab Harry Met Sejal is one refreshing movie. Yes, indeed the one you are seeking is seeking you. Absolutely lovable movie. And SRK
  • kunaljp: My review of #JabHarryMetSejal - Gone with the ring; boring, a different kind of suffering https://t.co/VC5zVpFDkr
  • ksoosjawline: ok jab harry met sejal was cute
  • krishnavashisth: #Watched Jab Harry met Sejal (2017) Absolute #crap script #ImtiazAli Absolute #overact @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma https://t.co/EBwdFyeB4H
  • Kiran004SRKFan: Harry & Sejal's Safar in the City of Joy was awesome. Love to u all.... https://t.co/twq6BJ1XXG https://t.co/OtJNj7cpa8
  • KhaiderNutter: Jab Harry Met Sejal ⭐️⭐️⭐️ https://t.co/aR9hhFqvQG
  • KaushikDevyani7: Jab Harry Met Sejal is a Disaster
  • kashmiradayal8: Hrithik ,go and see Jab Harry Met Sejal,great movie I saw it with my family on Saturday, Love,Kashmira Dayal
  • kanikafor: Super flop movie# no story# jab Harry met sejal
  • JustAQuick87: Jab harry met sejal was boring, cliché... had to leave the film before it ended...
  • JoeKoffee: Saw Jab Harry Met Sejal - it was wonderful! Pretty, tuneful, great characters & acting. If you didn't like it, you'… https://t.co/XGA9oGi7N3
  • ItsMeMobashira: We're living in 21st Century and it's 2017. We need simple stories like Jab Harry Met Sejal. Thank you @iamsrk for JHMS ❤ #JHMSWithFriends
  • imshabanalam: Had a great time with #jab_harry_met_sejal great work done by @iamsrk #sir @AnushkaSharma #lots of love keep entertaining us #thank_you
  • igknightor: Enjoyed Jab Harry met sejal ( without any bias ) good one time watch 3.25/5 .Theater was 80% full most of the audience liked it
  • IamP00ja: JAB HARRY MET SEJAL ALBUM IS AMAZING, SOULFUL. Jee Ve Sohaneya and Yaadon Mein are superb, Safar best che ekdum.
  • HoneyBeing_: Wen superstars are mkng crap films like Tubelight & Jab Harry Met Sejal,original actors like Kejriwal sud switch to movies nd save cinema.
  • himiverma: Bundle movie of the year award goes to Jab harry met sejal — feeling pained at Forum Neighbourhood Mall https://t.co/WWDZ6W0oVY
  • hashtaglahariya: फिल्म या अच्छी होती है या ख़राब , ये वाली घटिया है https://t.co/LpDtTwkHfm
  • HaramiParindey: A friend went to watch Jab Harry Met Sejal and posted a few scenes on his Snapchat. I had to give it 1 star there too.
  • govindksaji: Jab Harry Met Sejal, I lost 144 important minutes of my life.
  • FthaHssn: 6/10 for jab harry met sejal
  • DuaSid17: Worst movie of the Year Jab harry Met Sejal @iamsrk
  • divyasharma767: #JabHarryMetSejalreview : A big disappointment for #ShahRukhKhan fans https://t.co/jwVhqcyrfx
  • DigviajayPrasad: Is prime minister releasing funds for Jab Harry Met Sejal victims?
  • dharmesh569: Jab Harry Met Sejal was okay je. 6/10
  • deryatonkin: Jab Harry Met Sejal was so good
  • cmxxv: i watched jab harry met sejal the other day and honestly i can't believe i had to sit thru 144 min of an emotional affair being romanticized
  • caamitkulkarni: Plz never lose ur engagement ring.Else u will make the whole country suffer. #Jab_Harry_Met_Sejal @SammarthRaiker @guessmeguys @kiran_uppar
  • Bharatwalaa: #जब_हैरी_मेट_सेजल #Jab_Harry_Met_Sejal देखने की गलती बिल्कुल न करना। https://t.co/XtWn7IS6EX
  • BeingIAshish: One of the shortest reviews of #JHMS goes like "When you watch jab harry met Sejal, You wish they'd never met" !
  • BasuLahari: Jab Harry Met Sejal and the disaster followed: https://t.co/iqMf8GGXDZ https://t.co/9T59QoQsXU
  • baigyriders: Worst srk movies that i have seen in a theatre...Paheli,Jab harry met sejal,kabhi alvida na kehna,dear zindagi,jab tak hai jaan.
  • Avengineer18: Very sensless movie jab Harry met Sejal. Ghatiya picture don't go to it save your hard earned money.
  • Aryanbs11: Jab harry met sejal. Not wow, not bad. Average.
  • anil_bisane: Jab harry met sejal ....unimpressive.....completly boring movie..by imtiaz.....he lost a chance with srk to big ...rom com...drama...
  • Andec_Tanker: Ram-Jaane, Trimurti, English Babu Desi Mem, Chaahat Dilwale, Fan, dear zindagi, jab harry met sejal The 1990s were decidedly better anyday!
  • Anamika_Mudgal: Friends spend ur hard earned money on ursel/buy gifts 4 ur near n dear ones,bt pls do not spend on "Jab Harry Met Sejal".SRK must retire nw.
  • amberliuve: i don't know why anyone thought of making jab harry met sejal it was horrible
  • AmarAmbani: Jab Harry met Sejal is just a new age "Raja Hindustani" in Europe! Harry has no head and Sejal has no tail. Waste of time and money.
  • amanjainking: SRK- Jab Harry Met Sejal SALMAN- Tubelight Disappointing Both
  • ajsunboxed: Jab Harry met Sejal... Okay! कशाला भेटले? गरज काय आहे?
  • AjayJhalani1: ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ Review: One of the worst movies of SRK
  • Agarwal_Piyushj: Watched Jab Harry Met Sejal for 80 bucks. Completely worth 150 mins of sleeping.
  • agarwal9599: Jab Harry Met Sejal worst Srk & Anushka movie ever. #JHMS @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma #boriyat
  • afaaq_soomro: SRK rusty in 'Jab Harry Met Sejal' Watch this film if you are strictly a Shah Rukh Khan fan. Others will hesitate to put a ring on it
  • AayanIqbal: jab harry met sejal is the stupidest movie i have ever watched
  • 18AKGOYAL: ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ Review: Putting The Ring In Boring  https://t.co/lFBu2YzzRU