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wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?) - That too only for the actors and treatment, don't expect anything from the story
quick review:

A love story we've gotten too used to over the decades to be interesting despite fresh performances and a slick, rustic treatment.



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97 tweeters have given Ishaqzaade an average rating of 3.5/5.0(?)

65 yays
27 nays
5 so-so
  • zenmotherhood: All the reviews say it gets worse in the second half. How much worse can it possibly get? #Ishaqzaade #alreadystinks
  • YYSRT1311996: yesterday saw ishaqzaade movie ws nice...first 20 mins of the movie ws nt intersting.....after 20 mins movie went really nice..
  • YearOfRat: I just 'watched' the unintentionally funny, Ishaqzaade: thanks to @SahilRiz
  • vinaypatnaik: Hawt.. Hawt she is :D Parineeti Chopra converts #Ishaqzaade from an ok film 2 a fab film! Go watch nw :-)
  • venkymarg: Ishaqzaade was quite nice actually. I didn't find it all too predictable at all. Quite enjoyed it. Amit Trivedi is epic as usual.
  • Veeer_r: #Ishaqzaade reaches winning post ... #DangerousIshhq is a dud
  • TheSlumDawg: Ishaqzaade was boring.
  • thebongbabe: I still can't get over how random Ishaqzaade was. Have rarely come across a love story where it's so difficult to believe they're in love.
  • TalkBollywood: Arjun and Parineeti impressive in Ishaqzaade! - The Bottomline-Reviews RoundUp @ArjunKapoorFC
  • sunilbhardwaj5: with the entry of Arjun kapoor in Ishaqzaade u get to knw this GUY can't ACT,Another NON-Actor's entry in Bollywood
  • SujiLampard: My Friend : kya faltu movie thi #ishaqzaade ... teen ghante counter strike chaalu tha !! :D
  • Sriramonline: Watched Ishaqzaade the second time, i fell in love with this movie..
  • sorryaintenough: #Ishaqzaade was actually so good :')
  • SomaMdas: watched ishaqzaade by chance, u can see both d leads running,shooting and kissing all over in d still outstanding performnce :p
  • ShruthiShetty12: #Ishaqzaade - Such a brilliant movie!
  • sharmadhruv91: So ishaqzaade! Good movie. Parineeti couldve done better, dislike!
  • shaileysharma: ISHAQZAADE.........AWESOMEEE MOVIE................UP WAALO #MUSTWATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • shadabxp: #Ishaqzaade @ParineetiChopra atcing was too good. :) Good Entertainer movie.
  • sanampervaiz: #Ishaqzaade, super debut by Arjun kapoor! I'm super impressed! @ParineetiChopra & him make a damn good pair! Music is fab too @anshulakapoor
  • samarthtailor: Ishaqzaade is awesome
  • sagar_sondhi: Just watched #ishaqzaade there couldn't be a lamer movie than this... *thumbs down* ... #arjunkapoor good performance!
  • sabali12: Anshula loved Ishaqzaade ... Arjun wax brilliant and so was parineeti ... I m sure it's wit Mona maams blessings ... Love and god bless ...
  • RoomanaKhan: Chal kar le shadi - #ishaqzaade #ArjunHotKapoor as Parma was a prick but still i loved his nasty behaviour.Cool too Cool
  • Rockingoutam: sorry the mistake its ishaqzaade.y the w it is very good film must to watch.
  • redditindia: Ishaqzaade is Junk. But I am disappointed by the Indian Movie critics who fail in their duty to be honest and fa...
  • RaOne31: #ishaqzaade....just like agneepath, brilliant 1st half but tragic ending.pretty predictable 2nd half.
  • raj2908: #ishaqzaade brave film...@ArjunBKapoor really good debut!tough script and an even tougher [email protected] will you marry me?
  • Radhikachamedia: 200 bucks for #ishaqzaade ! Not worth :/
  • Quicksilwr: Second half doused the fire "@AniGuha: #Ishaqzaade. So much potential. Fuck."
  • Prashant3432: Watched ishaqzaade this friday awesum love with Parineeti
  • Peachious: Ok. I cant believe the director of do dooni chaar also directed a dimwitted movie like ishaqzaade!! :x
  • pavelrajani: #ishaqzaade must watch...aafaton k parindey...
  • parth_bolu_chu: #ishaqzaade nice movie....
  • parimalrohit: Arjun Chopra, Parineeti Chopra Wildly Impressive in #Ishaqzaade #Bollywood @YashRajFims @YRFmovies @ParineetiChopra
  • pal_vikas: #Ishaqzaade Rowdy dialogues but in sync with the not-so-common love story. Brilliant performance by Arjun & @ParineetiChopra Worth a dekho!
  • omar1618: Never knew Ishaqzaade was this stupid and cliched-
  • Nehaagg8: Good movie ishaqzaade.......hats off to parineeti chopra...real good actor she is...brilliant performance...
  • NeetikaNath: so he's a complete DOUCHE but you forgive him anyway...did the writers forget its the 21st century?..*facepalm* #Ishaqzaade
  • myy_precious: Ishaqzaade ~ loved the newcomers. Very entertaining!
  • muzikfreakjain: Ishaqzaade (y) thumb's up....great movie..
  • MuthappaKT: Ishaqzaade n it's charecters so called "Joya" & "Parma" are insanely nice movie.. :-)
  • MinorityReview: #Ishaqzaade is a raw and fresh take on honour killings but it gets you yawning sooner than you expected.
  • mehrotraa3010: Watched Ishaqzaade....kudos to the story n concept...great performance by Parineeti n Arjun :-)
  • Manishita16: im falling for #Arjunkapoor..... awesome work... loved it..!!!! #IshaqzAAde :)
  • maitysourav46: Ishaqzaade is good..
  • maarhidaaloge: Went in thinking Ishaqzaade would be a good story, came out thinking I was a tomato.
  • liLMiss_hAtke: Rowdy cocky parma and fiercy bold zoya made my day :) , although ending was predictable #ishaqzaade
  • KrutikaMody: #Ishaqzaade is so bad. All the style and layers in the film can't make up for the sheer shallowness of the screenplay.
  • KedarJoshi77: Ishaqzaade review: Watch it for Parineeti Chopra
  • kavya_nath: #Ishaqzaade big disappointment... where have good script writers in Bollywood gone???
  • kakulgautam: Dear Director of Ishaqzaade, Thank you. For a while there it felt like we were actually moving forward with our movies #youbroughtidiocyback
  • jmcdelhi: Ishaqzaade...(Y) arjun kapoor and @ParineetiChopra. You guys are more than brilliant..!!!! Awesome...
  • JigarCChauhan: Ishaqzaade - 20 year old story and dangerous ishq. 200 years old w waste of time & money
  • ishitabhojwani: Ishaqzaade! Whattey fab movie. Way to go @ParineetiChopra love you babes! X I'm a huge fan now. ;) You loook sooo pretty! Muahh
  • irtazachauhan: Awesome movie Ishaqzaade gud work guys hats off..
  • inalini: saw ISHAQZAADE, WOW!! Best love story came across these days... Must watch movie.. Parma zoya just one word SUPERB!!
  • idrrajdeep: In Ishaqzaade the taste couldn't reach there inspite of mixing all the right ingredients.The premise,music & Parineeti saved the show.
  • iamrpdaw: Extreme romance and extremism in romance on the silver one does it better than @yashrajfilms......just loved #Ishaqzaade!!
  • h_tejas: Thank God the movie did not have the typical Bollywood ending. The new breed of directors are taking the industry forward. #Ishaqzaade
  • hellmkrish: #ishaqzaade ...loved it too v muchh...reminded me of ma fav serial #loveStory-byAnuragBasu
  • FloralArtIndia: Ishaqzaade... A must watch... A passionate love story...
  • filmindia_indo: Ishaqzaade a kind of disappointment and more… - International Reporter: International ReporterIshaqzaade a kind ...
  • farikavina: Ishaqzaade....go watch!!! Remembering you Mona:(
  • faizanpatel: 2.5/5 Ratings... Watch it for the Parineeta's Acting... also the guy did a decent job.. @devils_disciple Is Ishaqzaade any good?
  • es_qureshi: ishaqzaade nice movie.........arjun n pranitee kukng gud...:)
  • editorbharathi: Catchy dialogues in Ishaqzaade provide d comic relief in ths high-intensity drama. 3 star rating review @ @ArjunBKapoor
  • dutcheswilson: hey ISHAQZAADE is dam awsm movie u must c it.......:-)
  • dubsabhi: Nearly same as Jannat 2? I thought it would fare better. RT @ShyFyy Ishaqzaade - First weekend - 15.5cr
  • dramatickanvi: #Ishaqzaade what an amazing script. By the time the 1st half got over...i was in a state of WTF,did that just really happen. Overall Baap.
  • divyatweetsthat: okay so I watched #ishaqzaade ....and am in all awww...and wow....and love wid arjun ....mera chhokra....and PC was just...bravo !
  • dipsikha: ishaqzaade was okay types....
  • DhargaweAkshay: Ishaqzaade, hell of a movie !!!
  • DevNakshi: #Ishaqzaade is a good love story. Simply loved Parineeti Chopra. Arjun Kapoor fails to impress. Great music. Very tragic ending.
  • devinamaini: Ishaqzaade :) .... @ParineetiChopra ... Amazing movie !!
  • DeepSea_KRK: Fend says that ishaqzaade , is QSQT badly remade , accompanied by a splendid soundtrack
  • Deeksha_RKfan: If u havnt seen #Ishaqzaade..i wud suggest u to go n watch it NOW!! Nothing will disapoint u..story,music,cast evrything is juz perfect!! :)
  • DaDivineSoul: #ishaqzaade #ishaqzaade #ishaqzaade what a movie <3 @ArjunBKapoor rocks in his performance .
  • ch_titas: Watched @Ishaqzaade yesterday. The music's great. @ParineetiChopra is superb. There are some lovely moments. Kudos to Habib Faisal.
  • chinkynai: Was compelled to sing 'Pareshaan... Pareshaan'..during the 2nd of the movie ishaqzaade...
  • BOND_AJ: Dil pe lagne wali movie hai.. #Ishaqzaade
  • BombilSurmai: They will set love on fire, NO. They will copy qayamat se qayamat tak. Yes. #ishaqzaade.
  • Bollywoodoholic: I think @ParineetiChopra in ishaqzaade beats Vidya balan in kahani. Kudos to the new PC in B'WOOD
  • BadmashFarooq: vicky donor. ishaqzaade. got to watch asap.
  • anushaatennyson: ishaqzaade was a superb mooovieeee.... i just watched it Arjun kapoor and Parineeti are soo good in it..
  • ankit_sdipa: Ishaqzaade is a fabbbb movie !! @GAUAHAR_KHAN u were amazing !!!
  • AniGuha: Surprised at clarifications given by Habib Faisal in defence of Ishaqzaade; all too obvious. Truth is: Zoya's character *was* a letdown.
  • AmShawn_69: Oh i forgot to tweet #ishaqzaade is real India brought in the movie! Secular! Lovely movie! :-) Go for it!
  • Ameya1986: ishaqzaade my rating - 1/5 Its just a smoochathon .. with Gauhar Khan's figure making a guest appearance...
  • alex_prabu: #Ishaqzaade Cudnt agree more.2nd half n other casts wr a big let dwn dat I doubted if all ws worth it,n i misd 30mins:(
  • aksrane: #Ishaqzaade Finally a film which defies the Bollywood stereotype... Loved it a lot.... Go for it!!!!!!!!
  • AkashPramancik: Ishaqzaade,loved it :D awesome movie
  • AdityaAnAuricle: So watched #Ishaqzaade today nice work by @yashrajfilms and @parineetichopra acted so well super movies it is..
  • abhishek: Ishaqzaade short review - movie no good - acting too good - music awesome - director - #fail shld go to jail :D #fb
  • abhilash9870: Ishaqzaade - Overall a good flick!!!!!
  • abhi1ash: Mixed rvews abt #ishaqzaade, my add to tht i loved it
  • Ab5inthe_Minded: Ishaqzaade..latter half of d muvi...Mein pareshaan..pareshaan..iss muvi ki story hai it for "Parineeti n Ek tha Tiger teaser".