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Wogma Review

This is one of those movies that start off with a lot of promise and slowly degenerate over the next couple of hours.

Arjun Rampal’s character is established really well in the first half an hour. Your smile will remain intact in these thirty minutes with the tongue-in-cheek humor. Then nothing happens for the next hour or so. An average movie-goer would know by now, how this story is likely to culminate. Thus no one is surprised by the climax in the last couple of reels. What surprised me though is that after having taken all cinematic liberties they actually tried to get away with dressing the lead lady (Vipasha Agarwal) in the same dress throughout the movie. Amazing!

All the other characters are half-baked including the other main character. What her motivations are in whatever she does is not explained. But both Arjun and Vipasha look great. Arjun has performed well in patches. I wish actual TV hosts would speak as normally as he did. He was brilliant in some scenes and just-about-okay in some. His performance could, maybe, have been better if he didn’t have the extra stress of being the producer too. Just like an Indian cricket captain can’t bat consistently due to the additional pressure.

Though most of Vipasha’s scenes needed her to just smile knowingly, she does show promise. Chunkey Pandey has given a controlled performance. Bomani Irani and Sonali Kulkarni are wasted in loud roles. Why are these typical loud roles so irrestible for directors? I truly hope the special appearances by Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan were not to rope in their fans to the theatres.

The problem is that the romantic scenes don’t make you feel for the characters. The touchy ones don’t pull any heart strings. There are some really good funny dialogues but they aren’t enough to last the movie. There are half-decent songs but no poetry. Everything looks like it has not been fully thought through.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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