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Trailer covers all the novelty of the plot. The rest is a regular coming-of-age cum love story masked under the garb of a sex comedy. Neither very funny, nor insightful.



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99 tweeters have given Hunterrr an average rating of 4.1/5.0(?)

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11 nays
12 so-so
  • _SangeetaShree: Hunterrr review No milestone but a step towards mature sex comedy
  • WeAreNashik: #Hunterrr was OK ! sai tai had a very small but saucy role 2.5/5 another sex comedy
  • viveknest: #Hunterrr is a cool movie. The ending drags a bit. But otherwise a well handled sex-comedy. Gulshan Deviah and Bappida rock #fb
  • vineet_chugh: Hunterrr is a gud family movie. Entire family can watch it in different rooms. @radhika_apte impresses once again after Badlapur.
  • vikramthapa76: #hunterrr may be 'bang on' but is India ready to accept what the film tries to say. #mastram was a flop too. They are secrets for a reason.
  • vikasyadav30: #Hunterrr i ve not seen such an entertaining film since Queen, which was also from the same banner :)
  • VibhavTakey: Watched Hunterrr class movie..!!! ✌ @rakeshpitroda @Pratik161289 #sameerboy..!!!
  • VacuumGupta: Watched #Hunterrr . Fantastic film. Koi shak nai h @FuhSePhantom ki sari movies acchi hi hoti hai.
  • upamanyu70: Mitron please please please watch Hunterrr. Super movie. Reminds me of good old tharki days :)
  • TillotamaShome: Rockstars:@gulshandevaiah @radhika_apte &every other actor in that film.Go watch #Hunterrr a hilarious and yet endearing coming of age film
  • TigerSarvankar: Superb acting in full movie by @gulshandevaiah @radhika_apte & @SaieTamhankar
  • tarun_ramani: HUNTERRR... Wonderful film...
  • TarakanchaFan: Reason #7 to watch #Hunterrr: Its not only about #sex but it is also full of #comedy and #Drama @SaieTamhankar
  • TallyBaaN: Movie critic piggybacking on the feminist sentiment pimping her review of the movie #Hunterrr is the most unbiased article you'll ever read.
  • sunnyyy17: OOH MY GOD #Hunterrr film is awesome @SaieTamhankar so hot mera to heart ruk gaya tha sai ko dekh ke.@gulshandevaiah kya dhmaal kaam kiya
  • sunil937175: watch #Hunterrr Enjoyed.Don't miss..!
  • suneal: 'LOVE IS BLIND'- General saying. LOVE IS COLOR BLIND'- Mandar saying. #Hunterrr superb entertainer @SaieTamhankar performance sizzling hot
  • SSG_SPEAKS: #Hunterrr hillarious and nice
  • srbhtibrewal: Really enjoyed the movie #Hunterrr and the performances of @SaieTamhankar @gulshandevaiah @radhika_apte #Exotic #Comedy #Sex
  • sinuvian: .@cinemapranthi Hunterrr - a nice movie. Go with your friends to enjoy it fully. @radhika_apte pulled off her character quite beautifully
  • sidburman: #Hunterrr what a laugh riot .... :D
  • shrillchill: #Hunterrr, a film for bachelors and youth. Good work by @gulshandevaiah and @radhika_apte. @SaieTamhankar is so natural.
  • shivom_oza: Just watched Hunterrr. Very interesting premise, some great scenes, but too long-drawn! :-I
  • ShinyRadical: Full blown lover girl crush on @radhika_apte. Badlapur and now Hunterrr. This is love❤️
  • shikharagarwal2: #Hunterrr such a funny movie
  • shashank_rayal: #Hunterrr >> Getting Thumbs Up...coz of its hilarious dialogues. Enjoyable Flick @HunterrrPonkshe @radhika_apte
  • seriouslytalib: HUNTERRR is a laugh riot and a well balanced directorial masterpiece. It is not as vulgar as I imagined but more entertaining that I thought
  • sardamit: To be honest, hunterrr is a decent movie! People who are complaining have probably not even watched the movie! (1/2)
  • sagarcasm: Hunterrr is the Indian version of American pie. Don't remember the last time I laughed so much in a bollywood movie. 9/10
  • sadiyagandhi: Hunterrr is good time pass.. Sai n radhika along with Devi is awesome..Anurag Kashyap get work frm your house...I like it
  • rvirajak: watched #Hunterrr awesome movie. great acting by @gulshandevaiah and @radhika_apte . after a long time saw a good bolly movie.
  • ronyd: Hunterrr is nice, but a bit stretched.Packs in too much in one film.Above average.Well cast and acted.@gulshandevaiah is too good.
  • robbenthomas: #Hunterrr is so much more believable than #NH10 . Go watch it now! Meowww.. @radhika_apte so subtle yet so glamorous #fan4life
  • RJRIYA: super performances by @gulshandevaiah @radhika_apte & @SaieTamhankar, Hunterrr a must watch, Film દર 10 મી મીનીટે યાદ અપાવે Men Will Be Men
  • RitikaKr: Why did you have to be so moral at the end #Hunterrr? You were perpetually horny and that was ok.
  • pyarasaparth: Thank you @FuhSePhantom for @HunterrrPonkshe ! Worth producing such a film :D Class apart! #Hunterrr
  • PrincePrithvi: #Hunterrr dekha.. mazaa aaya
  • prateekkhamesra: #Hunterrr mast time pass movie hai.. Watch it and laugh over the journey of Mandy!!
  • PCSRKLuver: #Hunterrr Such Magnificnt movi aftr long tym @radhika_apte ur True charm @gulshandevaiah Done awsm job @SaieTamhankar speechless Task
  • oneshotofwhskey: What a time pass movie this #hunterrr is XD
  • nikvenk: #Hunterrr a good little entertainer, wid some gr8 dialogues & performances @gulshandevaiah especially @radhika_apte with brilliant acting
  • NewGlamourBoy: Just saw #hunterrr .. Loved the movie . so much fun.. Brilliant acting .
  • MoviezAdda: Go and watch # hunterr guys mad film , this man is out standing @gulshandevaiah n @radhika_apte @SaieTamhankar #Vassugiri #Hunterrr
  • mohantysibabrat: Intermission and the movie has been disappointing #Hunterrr
  • Michael_Vasanth: RT reviewpuram: Watched #Hunterrr today, and I think this is one of the best adult comedies we have had in recent times... #Bollywood
  • Malika_e_Crazy: Apart from fantastic performances there was nothing .. Awesome about hunterrr. Male nymph falls in love n cleans up
  • mainbhiengineer: Hunterrr is a great opportunity wasted by terrible filmmaking. It has some good moments but fails as a film.
  • madhusudhananj: Hunterrr has been watched. Better than nh10 for me.
  • koreanspainla: Hunterrr review: A funny sex comedy with a horribly botched up ending #lafd #haha
  • Kishnani_T: #Hunterrr - Just go and watch. Absolutely fun
  • Kishan935900: #Hunterrr You can waste your 2 hrs very smoothly...
  • KhurafatiDoc: Kuch movies rang de bashanti Hai to kuch 3 idiots type....aur kuch #Hunterrr hoti Hai... 4/5 from my side
  • kewal001: Hunterrr is Brilliant! #Hunterrr @radhika_apte @gulshandevaiah
  • karunajohn: Hunterrr: Even with all the sex and sleaze, this is an honest film via @SaddaHaqMedia
  • KamathGurudutt: HUNTERRR -- 3.5/5 stars (1st half 4 for humour, 2nd --3 for story). Enjoyed the film v much. Acting, story, humour, direction are fabulous.
  • Jyotiranjan432: Movie Review: #Hunterrr Rating: 3 Star(* * *) HUNTERRR, despite falling in the sex Com genre, does not qualify to...
  • jrnybot: Fuck critics. Hunterrr is the definitive guide to the Indian male's libido. Watch it.
  • Jose2United: WORST MOVIE EVER #Hunterrr
  • JessieBottcher: Hunterrr review: A funny sex comedy with a terribly blotched-up ending - Firstpost
  • jeetbasu: #Hunterrr is entertaining..intelligent .well written..loved it..@GullitR @radhika_apte & @saitamhankar u people were brilliant:-))
  • Imshri09: Watched #Hunterrr and #Tungabhadra.. Hunterrr is an average movie... Tungabhadra is a big disappointment
  • impritampyare: superb #dialogue superb #screenplay superb #editing and simply awesomely superb acting by @radhika_apte & @gulshandevaiah #Hunterrr
  • ImParthSo: Must watch hunterrr @sagar_299 @jineshpatel30 @vishrut63
  • iFaridoon: Guys,do watch #Hunterrr 4 a well told story,some outstanding performances and a cinema that must be supported n Enjoyed.Don't miss!!!
  • idevirT_kidraH: Hunterrr is an outrageous hilarious film with heart at its right place powered by a brilliant gulshan devaiya. Truly one of bests of 2015.
  • harshal_tidake: #Hunterrr.. a good watch.@radhika_apte @SaieTamhankar act with eyes.. great to see lot of gud actors on 1 screen. Adult comedy with content
  • Harpreet648: #Hunterrr is not only an adult comedy movie.It's a full package of Comedy,Emotion, @radhika_apte @Sai_Tamhankar @FuhSePhantom
  • grvinthehouse: Watched #Hunterrr and loved it!!
  • FilmyKeeeda: #Hunterrr was a bit long but at the end enjoyed the dialogues & the entire periodical treatment. A worth watch for people with frnds.
  • EyeOfCortana: Hunterrr ne hunter gumaya lekin khud ki Bum*** par laga....
  • ExTweleb: Even to represent a bold or sex scene in seductive manner is an art... #Hunterrr A must watch movie for 18+ cc: @SaieTamhankar
  • EnormousPumpkin: 'Hunterrr' Review: A film rife with fantastic performances and terrible ... - Daily News & Analysis #film
  • Dipika_B: I never thought I would enjoy #Hunterrr the way I did. Excellent performances and a fun score. Def worth a watch.
  • deserttrose: #Hunterrr on da prowl,nd he has scored! nddd how..lov lov lov it ..wat awesome performances by @SaieTamhankar @radhika_apte @gulshandevaiah
  • delphikt: Movie Review: 'Hunterrr' is funny but suffers from erratic dysfunction
  • Deepuzoomout: #Hunterrr has a terrific 1st half and falls flat in the 2nd half. Fantastic performances . a one time watch for sure.
  • deepbasu1: #Hunterrr is an okay film...could have been better with sharp [email protected] @radhika_apte @gazalstune @SaieTamhankar
  • curentbollynews: #Hunterrr disappoints,No sin in avoiding
  • CineMaakiKasam: Saw #Hunterrr today.. A nice movie after a long time.. Brilliant acting by Gulshan Devaiah & @radhika_apte
  • chickoo_chirag: Saw HUNTERRR last night and I never thought I would enjoy this movie the way I did. Outrageously hilarious sex comedy which is entertaining.
  • chadharobin3: #Hunterrr is one of the most entertaining movie I've ever seen in my life!!
  • bolnabey: Lot many problems with Hunterrr, quite liked it still. @gulshandevaiah @radhika_apte @SaieTamhankar FTW!
  • BollyHollyTelly: Hunterrr: The Lusty Male Gaze
  • BlunderBoi: Just watched #Hunterrr. @gulshandevaiah reminds you of Amol Palekar of the 80s. Great job by @radhika_apte and Saie Tamhankar. A must watch!
  • Bhooshan: ‘Hunterrr’ was hilarious. Remembered how in the 90s learning to work on the typewriter was considered very sophisticated. Good movie!
  • being_kaushar: #Hunterrr Nice movie
  • Atulurlove: #Hunterrr Not what I expected but its even better, Performances are superb, story is real. Laugh, cry, feel and remember Go for it Today!
  • arindom13: U cant miss #Hunterrr, fntstc dirctn, evrythng jst prfct.A big salute to dirctor for ur storytelling. Rating 5/5 @Fever104FM_Kol #Hunterrr
  • ANH2102: Hunterrr is a pretty decent movie. There are some absolute hilarious moments. Although the story suffers from a poor plot.
  • amit12354: #FilmyFriday #Review #Hunterrr Overall The Film is Strictly for men who have lived the bygone era, Pure Nostalgia for them. (2.5/5) For Us!!
  • Adhoora_alvida: #Hunterrr narration style irritated me to hell. Otherwise it was enjoyable movie.
  • ABnormalConnect: Reserve maximum accolades for @gulshandevaiah... I'm sure we will get to see more of him in future. He nailed it. @HunterrrPonkshe #Hunterrr
  • abhisek_s: Hunterrr. Below average.
  • aarte: Hunterrr, what a movie! Hats off! @gulshandevaiah brilliant performance!
  • aamir__71: #hunterrr has so many crazy scenes ppl in d theatre jus went beserk screamin an shouting whistles all round in a multiplex a rare sight
  • aadilgul600: Awsm movie #Hunterrr @radhika_apte yet again super performance Evrythng is fab luvd it #keep_shining
  • 9ratna_9: BOTH #Hunterrr & #DilwaliZaalimGirlfriend ARE SHIT MOVIES, #NH10 OR #DLKH WILL BE BETTER THIS WEEKEND....
  • 89Teaser: Saw #Hunterrr, what a movie and what a genius you are, @gulshandevaiah!! Too good! Sir ji charan kahan hain aapke.. _/\_
  • 007Yamauddin: Saw HUNTEERRRR,,, must say great great movie, you will love it! #Hunterrr @anuragkashyap72