Hunterrr - Preview

wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?)
quick review:

Trailer covers all the novelty of the plot. The rest is a regular coming-of-age cum love story masked under the garb of a sex comedy. Neither very funny, nor insightful.



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It is crass. It is blatant about being crass. And those two statements are a little unsettling because they could be made about Grand Masti too.

Yet, there is something that tells you Hunterrr is more a (coming of age?) story about a boy (nymphomaniac?) rather than crass for the sake of being crass. Also, it looks a lot more real rather than over-the-top. A little too real? In the sense that, despite the names attached to it, especially the list of producers, Hunterrr's trailer brings a cringe and more.

I do see myself walking in to the theater with some trepidation. Here's hoping, it is misplaced.

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