Hum Tum Shabana - Preview

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quick review:

All the adjectives, all the phrases, all the clich├ęs of the not-so-kind kind that apply to a mindless comedy, apply to Hum Tum Shabana.



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The good news is it will be pretty easy to watch Hum Tum Shabana with a clean slate. All that I enjoyed in Bheja Fry was appropriately cancelled out by Bheja Fry 2. So, there are actually zero expectations from Sagar Ballary's Hum Tum Shabana.

The bad news is that the trailer promises more a plain-Jane slapstick film.

Even worse, there are glimpses of Golmaal in the trailer itself. And what could have been an interesting premise, protagonist wooing a woman who belongs to an underworld clan has already been done recently in Ready and a bit in Welcome - none of which can match Mickey Blue Eyes. Ok fine, the twist seems to be that there are two protagonists instead of one, doing the wooing.

But doesn't it seem like there are two heroes only because neither of those "actors" is known to carry a film by themselves? I agree, both, Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor of them individually can have crackling comic timing, but the rivalry their characters seem to share in Hum Tum Shabana, will require chemistry. And no, it really doesn't look like Minissha Lamba is going to be more than an accessory to the plot.

So, there is nothing to look forward to. On the plus side, anything we get, a smile, a grin, a LOL even will be a bonus. Let's look forward to that then.