Hope and a little sugar - Preview

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Hope & a little sugar is a love story with a backdrop of terrorism. Yet it has no speeches and has a very subtle narration style. Worth a cozy DVD watch.



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NOT A REVIEW - Looking at what I'm up for this Friday

Another week without any "high profile" releases. Seeing too many of thesesuch weeks this year. Wonder what's cooking at all the big production houses. Anyway, up this Friday is Hope & a little sugar, another one based around the 9/11 timeframe, this time set in New York.

Terrorist-event based movies have the first thing going right for them. The human element in the story is so well-known, that the audience already has emotions set for various characters - Sympathy for the victim, apathy towards the terrorist. Of course, they lose interest if the story is not captivating enough or if it is not told well. But, since it has won the best feature film award at the South Asian International Film Festival (2006) - New York City, it could mean that we have that in order. On the other hand, this film festival just seems to be an avenue for independent "Indian" filmmakers to showcase their movies. To be fair, there were a handful of movies from Pakistan and Sri Lanka too.

Interestingly, while the producers found the script interesting at first look, a lot of back and forth seems to have happened over the net between the two writers. Not to mention that location