Review - Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.: Comedy disturbed because they couldn’t resist having a story

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The first half of this movie is really funny. Acting is super. I had a few problems with the characterisation. Would have been better, if there wasn't a forced story for every couple.



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The first half is hil-larious! There are really funny lines and situations in the second half too, but the compulsion to have a story breaks the flow. Nevertheless, all the laughs were the perfect medicine for my horrible cold. Yeah-yeah, I know my illness was not on their mind when they were making the movie, just thought I’d let you know because I felt like it. Just like, the writer threw in special effects, or her stand on social issues.

Comedies like these bring out the dependencies between the dialogues and the comic timing. The great performances wouldn’t mean anything without the witty lines. And as always, funny lines cannot tickle you if they are not delivered right. Someone please tell me, why don’t real radio jockeys speak this sensibly? It’s the serious parts (mostly in the first half hour after interval) where things drag. They do not gel with the general tone at all. The side-side story of the driver is out of place too. And the preachy tone in the end – Why? Why?? Why??? Also, why does the screenplay slacken in the second half.

Acting by one and all is exactly what their characters demand. Yes, even Amisha Patel! When I first heard that she was playing a loud character, I was dreading the time I would see this movie. But, her restraint comes as a pleasant surprise. There are too many artistes to name them all here, but everyone has done their roles full justice. And so have the costumes of at least some of the people. I was really kicked by how the geek was almost always dressed in a solid-colored collared T-shirt.

Most of the characters and their idiosyncrasies were dealt a fair hand. I especially liked how the sexual orientation of some of the characters was handled sans the usual snickers associated with such issues in Hindi movies. A whole range of honeymooners is covered here, from the chauvinist who is more interested in photography than his wife to the couple who had no use for a camera, from the arranged marriage to the love marriages. While most characters are consistent, there are a few that leave you with questions. Since, discussing these would give out a little more than I like, check out the details section (spoilers there!).

The songs look better than they sound. They are the kind that grow on you because you have seen them. The choreography of “pyar ki ek kahaani” is absolutely breathtaking.

This movie has a very Hrishikesh Mukherjee feel to it. And that says a lot coming from a huge Hrishi-da fan. This is certainly the kind of light movie we needed after a series of serious movies we have seen in the last four weeks. If only, Reema Kagti had not worried so much about trying to squeeze in an actual story for every couple.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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mehak, I loved the part that it had no particular story in mind. In fact, I did not like the bit where they tried to put a story in forcibly for each couple.

addi, yeah, the climax was a let down considering they kept it lively throughout the movie. Oh well...


ye picture bahoot acchi hai

tiya agrawal:

every one must watch it

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