Review - Hijack: Plain old story, plain old action

wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
quick review:

There's absolutely nothing new about this thriller. Besides, the plot details are either missing or incoherent.



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Wogma Review

Had it been one of the first few thrillers ever, Hijack would've been exciting. But, with all the logistical gaps and happy coincidences, it is far, far away from making your nerves jitter.

Not that characterizations are first on priority in most action thrillers, but all the characters including the main ones in this one are mere outlines. Let alone having shades to add depth, only one color is chosen for each of them. Especially annoying was Priya (Capt. Vikram's daughter) who is so cheerful despite the most trying circumstances. So strong is this 8-10 year old that she is all smiling on her way to the hostel for the first time even though her father can't control a tear from rolling down his eye.

In a movie where almost everything is below mediocre, you don't really expect the best lines for the characters. But, airport ground staff spewing philosophy at a passenger while checking him in is a bit too much. Considering the one-line character sketches and the lame lines, most actors seem to have done a decent job of smiling and being scared.

The logic and logistics of the writing too were haphazard. A terrorist gang is so meticulous about planning, that a gun is planted into a chips packet to enter the airport and it reaches fine. But, they take a flight to Amritsar, when they want to go to Dubai without thinking about fuel replenishment!

Not all is completely bad. There are a couple of subtle scenes which add flavor to the particular sequence. Like the little boy fetching a phone for a senior terrorist at a rugged training center implying that children were being trained there too. This scene replaces the kids-crawling-under-barbed-wire drill which is customary in showcasing such camps.

I really wonder what purpose is served by generic lyrics set to regular music, picturized with aerobic-style choreography? The story certainly doesn't need them. If the producer needs them for commercial success, I certainly hope the audience is not fooled by a supposed-Brazalian miming Hindi.

Hijack is the 'leave your brains behind' kind of an action-thriller, Just like slapstick is a kind of comedy. Slapsticks don’t make you laugh, Hijack has neither creative action nor manages to thrill.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: People shooting people for no reason, especially in the eye. Fist fights too.
  • Sexual content: None.
  • Concept: Terrorists hijacking a plane and a father trying to save his daughter. Kids could come up with questions related to religion and faith.

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