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A plot different from the norm. Unfortunately, dull and long.



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25 tweeters have given Hawaizaada an average rating of 2.7/5.0(?)

12 yays
10 nays
3 so-so
  • yatharthsingh: #Hawaizaada should be named as #Haramzyada
  • vivekbbhatia: All the very best @ayushmannk for #Hawaizaada. Fly high!
  • t2telegraph: #Hawaizaada is unflinchingly boring and the leads ensure you look for airsickness bags! http://bit.ly/Hawaizaada-review http://twitter.com/t2telegraph/status/561509214124650496/photo/1
  • Sketcher009: Jst watched #HAWAIZAADA , Really nice movie!
  • SeepiTechi: Marutsakha looks wonderful in the movie!Definitely an award for that!#Hawaizaada rocked!
  • rjnishita: Hawaizaada : Boring till interval, Good one in 2nd Half !! P.S.: Your opinion may differ!!
  • realgyana: Just watched #hawaizada movie. Just aswm movie . A good movie after long time
  • RahimWrites: Hats off to makers of #Hawaizaada It takes a lot of courage and will power to make movies like these that don't promise any high gains.
  • PrashantJanghel: Worst Film Ever.... #Hawaizaada — feeling bored
  • PranjalBhatt1: pissed off wid #Hawaizaada ..........regret is all i hav....
  • OmeriSona: #Ayushman worked good in #Hawaizada and movie is brilliant..
  • niteshrajput125: #Hawaizada is less entertainment and more creativity, well done team..
  • kukreja262: #Hawaizaada an Old Indian tale put up so nicely. @ayushmannk it's totally a Republic Day Movie
  • KamathGurudutt: HAWAIZADA: 2/5 stars. Highly boring story of supposedly first Indian aviator. Skip it.
  • itsaditya1: The intention behind making the movie was good but it didn't create the magic as expected from it. #Hawaizaada @ayushmannk
  • IncodaTvHD: Hawaizaada review: Ayushmann flies around in a Batsuit in this nonsensical film Hawaizaada claims to be the... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=414055832092505
  • Gauravkingrocks: superb movie #hawaizada good job
  • FlmCollection: Hawaizaada critics rating 1.5/5 stars Story is like a plane which never takes off http://twitter.com/FlmCollection/status/561178566323212293/photo/1
  • evelyn_sharma: Guys go watch #Hawaizaada this weekend! Support the small films with brilliant story and lots of heart ❤️
  • Eccentricfaizan: #Hawaizaada first half is so boring that you think why is it there. Second half is pretty decent.
  • dedhpase: Sadly the concoction does not work coz all the themes are underemphasized #Hawaizaada
  • Bindaas_Girl1: Hawaizaada is Huge Disaster Feeling Sad For Ayushman Khurana He's Good Actor But Need To Find Right Script!
  • AnuraPaknikar: #Hawaizaada A must watch for every Indian.. What a treasure our Vedas are..!! A perfect blend of spirituality & science ..
  • AhujaAakriti: #Hawaizaada with its beautiful magical realism exports you to another world whilst @ayushmannk 's profound act leaves you yearning for more!
  • aditi80588: #Hawaizaada - an average movie.