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wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
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Haunted has some scary bits interrupted by hilarious attempts at explaining how the supernatural works. If it were not for decent performances by the lead actors, it could have easily been one of those horror comedies.



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Wogma Review

Every horror film review by me has to have the "I HATE horror films" disclaimer. I can't handle the creepy, crawling feeling a well-made horror film creates and sustains for the length of the film. And if the film is not well-made, well... Haunted had a few scares that work because of the timing but for the rest of the time you are either laughing at it or questioning the logic that it puts itself in.

How can you be blamed for wondering why a spirit is struggling with doors and walls when at other times, it freely moves from room to room and even city to city without trouble. Yep, it's that kind of a film. The super-slow start builds zero suspense, because you can predict when a door is going to creak or a book is going to fall or a light is going to flicker. And this goes on and on and on, that too at a slow pace.

It's surprising then, towards the climax, even though I knew how the film is going to most likely end and my patience had worn out four times over, I felt for the protagonists and I wanted the spirit to die. And that I think is mostly due to the performances. While Mahakshay had pretty much only one expression to hold, he did it fine. Tia Bajpai made you feel for her especially in the rape scenes. Enough to control the damage caused by her voice and non-horrified scenes. The make-up of the spirits and the background music that goes with them are enough to scare you the few times they do.

All this would have been acceptable if the story had anything new to offer. No, "spirit" experts illuminating us with ridiculous ways in which evil works, does not count. Same old troubled spirit haunting a house reaches out to an unsuspecting visitor decades, after the human body it lived in dies. Same old ways in which the spirit can be conquered. It's just too little to form entertainment (even the creepy/crawly kind). It matters little that the 3D technology used is completely wasted.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots and lots. And gory too.
  • Language: Dirty talk by a spirit to the object of his obsession
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Rape scenes
  • Concept: Ghosts, etch
  • General Look and Feel: Dark.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2
  • Story: 2.5
  • Lead Actors: 3
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 2
  • Screenplay: 2
  • Music Director: 1.5
  • Lyrics: 1.5

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