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It's a prelude to the grandstand in the series finale. Harry, Ron and Hermione embark on their quest to find the rest of the horcruxes and destroy them, while You-Know-Who (Seriously. You must know who) hunts for the one of the three Deathly Hallows that'll make him even more awesome-freakinly-powerful than he already is. Obviously their path isn't easy and is full of people trying to capture, torture and kill them. Great fun. So is the movie good? Yes. Does it follow the book? More than any other movie of this series did. Is there loads of action in this one? No, but it has lots of promises for the last one. So should we then go to the theaters or not? Well, in most cases (if you have a kid, wife or GF/BF/BFF who is a die-hard Harry Potter fan) you don't really have a choice, do you? But even if you do, it's worth a watch.



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