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The Salman Khan style of 'acting' doesn't allow us to take the otherwise interesting concept, of a human being taking over as God for a few days, too seriously.



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Wogma Review

"You are given the power to be the Almighty for 10 days of your life. What will you do?" No, this is not a question in a beauty pageant, so you can actually do what you'd really like to do. My bet is that the first thing any normal person would do is to mend their life. And that's what our man, Arun Prajapati (Salman Khan) does too. So, in that sense, it is realistic. Yet, God tussi great ho comes across as aimless as it jumps from one sub-plot to another, and doesn't make any strong comment on human nature, the meaning of love, the state of politics or any of the things that it pretends to address.

The quirky style of comedy between Salman Khan and Suhail Khan works in getting you to smile every once in a while. The kind of dialogue delivery that has these weirdly placed pauses in combination with zero body language, makes even the most serious scenes and situations look funny. Unintentionally funny of course. And even though it's not slapsticky 40 year olds behaving like they are 14 looks way too silly and out of place. This does manage to keep the drama quotient low, but so low that you don't feel for any of the characters in the emotionally charged scenes and it's a tad too high on stylizing the characters.

Amitabh Bachchan, of course, lends grace and elegance to the movie in general. But, the movie requires him to hold a knowing smile all through. Nothing much can be done, because God after all can only smile at our follies. Priyanka Chopra, the main lead, squealed and jumped at the appropriate times. The sad thing is, her character was introduced as an intelligent person but then as the movie progressed, that introductory episode just seemed like it was there for the sake of letting us know that she's smart. That trait didn't come up anywhere later in the movie.

The side-characters all seem very superficial - Mr. Prajapati Sr. (Anupam Kher), the Mrs., their daughter, their maid, a lottery ticket seller, a beggar, an office peon. They all have significant enough roles to have recall value, but none of them have the depth needed to make them believable. Anupam Kher made me laugh a couple of times but just didn't convince me of his middle class, government servant background. His wife too wore saris to suit her character but her body language and accent was that like of a socialite.

So many characters translate to as many sub-plots. Since there isn't necessarily a direct connect with the main story, these side plots are just stuck together one after the other and give the movie a very jerky feel. It almost feels like the story was never written on paper, it was just narrated over a drink and finalized.

The movie has a very dated feel overall. The sets, the songs and dances, the special effects don’t look like they belong to the past 3-4 years of production. The special effects were a complete waste and most of it reserved for a shoddy, glitzy song. It'd have been so much better if the same money was spent on creatively creating the required effect on a set.

Like Bruce Almighty, God tussi great ho doesn't fulfill its promising one-line plot idea. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that when God presents himself, you expect really great things to happen. But, they just don't.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A couple of gun fights. But they are done more like comic scenes rather than fight sequences.
  • Sexual content: Skimpily clad women.
  • Concept: The concept of taking over as God and fantasizing about what you'd do, is adorable.
  • General Look and Feel: It's bright and loud, but still has a dated feel to it.

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God Tussi Great ho Review...

The Salman Khan style of 'acting' doesn't allow us to take the otherwise interesting concept, of a human being taking over as God for a few days, too seriously....


Solitary Dreamer:

i watched this crap FDFS! Right out of the bed for the 9am show and they give me this shit. my friend is back from the US and wanted to watch a Hindi, Salu-movie instead of 'Bachna' and i let her do man-maani. my bad, i guess?!

i was sad. the movie was THAT bad. i mean, if you have to steal a script from a Hollywood movie, atleast choose a good movie! Bruce Almighty seemed like a FANTASTIC movie after GTGH! :-o

it almost felt demeaning to put anyone through so much stupidity first thing in the morning! :'( not fair! not fair! not fair! :'(

How great is God tussi great ho?:

[...] presents himself, you expect really great things to happen. But, they just don’t…. Meetu [ withoutgivingthemovieaway [...]


Solitary Dreamer, I can feel your frustration through your words, can't imagine what it'd be like sitting beside you in the theater! Deepest condolences!!

Rahmat, each one is entitled to their own religious sentiments and so are you. We shouldn't be imposing our beliefs on others.


No maya, I didn't review "My Wife's Murder" and I haven't seen it either.

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