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Go Goa Gone - Preview

Go Goa Gone

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Much fun and gore - a combination I never thought would've worked. But owing to some witty dialogue and perfectly timed dialogue delivery make Go Goa Gonea watch well worth it.

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Go Goa Gone - they lost me at the title. A little curiosity came about when I realised that it is a zombie film. But, that was instantly killed with this trailer. They ruined it completely when they answered the first question that popped in my head, "What are zombies doing in Goa?" with a quite literal and lame, "Globalization!"

I'm not a huge fan of zombie films. It has never stopped amazing me that there are enough films to make this into a genre. What an excuse to display gore through the entire length of the film? That and there's so little in terms of story in a zombie film.

Fortunately, Go Goa Gone's tells you right at the trailer that it doesn't want to be taken seriously. And all the elements that you see so far, point towards a feeble attempt at spoof.

Despite all my misgivings, I still have hope from the director duo because of their earlier films 99 and Shor in the City. I completely enjoyed their dark humor. However, Saif Ali Khan going about killing dead people while pretending to be Russian is hardly inspiring.

Interestingly enough, the music has garnered decent reviews. Let's hope the film gets good laughs out of us.

Music Reviews:
Bollyspice - "4/5" dunkdaft - "insane bloody mad soundtrack, thanks to the composer duo Sachin-Jigar and the lyricists." Milliblog - "Whimsical, fun soundtrack!" Music Aloud - "8/10"

Go Goa Gone - Movie Details

Go Goa Gone - Trailer

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This seems like a fun flick. I quite like the music from what I've heard so far, that song khoon choos le is awesome!
I just hope it dosen't turn out to be too slapsticky & lame...


Meetu, though you have already mentioned you are not fan of zombie movies, I still have to ask - what is your opinion about - 'Shaun of the Dead' (


zombies in Indian movie for the first time, delhi se hun............ never seen any bollywood trailor going so viral... waiting eagerly


@Manik I'm 50-50 about the humor.

@Swapnil haven't watched that one.

@Rajat really? Is the trailor gone that viral?


I think you are being too quick to judge. After shor in the city (and 99) - I'd watch a porno flick if they made it. We are too quick to put down our own cinema. (That's not totally unjustified, but you are not exactly talking about Sajid Khan or David Dhawan here!)

Hear this interview - I think they're being as serious about this film as about SITC. Even if the subject is funny!

And in other interviews they have said that they are not selling gore (unlike you opined earlier) which is why they picked a zomcom to film rather than a zombie horror film! Don't you forget that Danny Boyle also made a zombie film!


@Santosh I will listen to the interviews you mentioned. Also actually, I'm judging the promo material and describing how they make me feel. Having said that, points taken - especially the one about these directors vs. Sajid Khan/David Dhawan :D


@meetu yes it did. i remember it crossing a million views on youtube in two days


a good start for a zombie movie in india,,,nice comedy,,,,,screenplay go flat in some places,,,,it happens when u doesnt have much in the story,,,,but the movie has been presented well,,,,waiting for the sequal....
And yes ,, a perfect review too by meetu


Saif was excellent, the jokes and humor were funny too , all three of them played there part convincingly but the plot could have been much better, it wasn't waste of money . Meetu i agree with your review as always but shouldn't be the first Indian Zombie movie be judged ignoring the basic parameters of merits:P .


@Rajat wow!

@Anup Thank you. Finally, eh?

@Guddu sorry didn't get this - "shouldn't be the first Indian Zombie movie be judged ignoring the basic parameters of merits:P ."


I think the movie is loosy based on "Shaun of the Dead" and "Zoombieland". These are also zoombie movies but can't be categorized as horror flicks.
So much better than the same old love triangle shit.

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