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Yet another, "let's fight the system" film. This one takes on way too much and takes way too much time to express itself too.



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50 tweeters have given Fugly an average rating of 1.5/5.0(?)

13 yays
34 nays
3 so-so
  • ZarmeenCutiePie: Awesome movie,Big hit in boxoffice In Sha Allah,effective n bravo story i salut to the story writter men #respect #Fugly
  • vickyrathore389: Fugly nice movie & strong message public
  • varshaagnihotri: Loved #fugly! Go watch it!
  • Shivani1nazare: good bhaiya.fugly bahot acha hai
  • shalinivig: Friends please do step out n watch # Fugly! A brilliant movie directed by my buddy Kabir Sadanand! Much as I... https://www.facebook.com/shalini.v.wadhwa/posts/10152270482059818
  • PathanZp: Nw today is Sunday....enjoy sunday nd watch fugly movie nd holiday both are the gud nd watchable movies...
  • mymoviereviewIN: Fugly movie review: Akshay Kumar produces a powerful youth-centric and friendly film!
  • Just_Khan96: Fugly was really nice ..... the Rang De Basanti touched really worked ... scene stealer was Jimmy Shergil ... watchable ... 6.5/10
  • hemant3457: Fugly is a good movie
  • coolAbhidude: Awsome movie Fugli......what a story....
  • chillxfactor: Was skeptic about #fugly glad i went. Good one!!
  • captkarthikmn: Watched fugly. Storyline is good encompasing many 'small' things of society. Vijendra has done better than filmy family sons. Watchable!!
  • AfshaWedsVirat: Just watched #Fugly & believe me @mansha_bahl u were Fab. Typical bindass Delhi ki kudi! And @boxervijender pe dil aagaya ^_^ Well done :*
  • iamaninne: Movie for one time and one time #fugly Time pass movie hai boss...much was expected frm the director
  • geettsethi: Coming out of cinema hall: Movie to Thik thi par! Ye fugly fugly kya hai! *Does the Hand measurement step*
  • FilmyKeeeda: Saw #Fugly! A one time impression. Jimmy Shergill looked very good in his bad avatar. Nee comers were also impressive. Not a bad film :)
  • zalilahs: Literally i'm dying inside..everytime reading fancacc.. (fugly sobbing)
  • wicked_Meer: fugly interval,kuch maza nhi aaya yar,movie lgta h kuch aur bnana chahte the kuch aur bana di...story seems soooo unrealistic yar
  • vishjain61: Fugly naa dekhiyon.....mat dekhiyon!!
  • Vishal_FilmBuff: As predicted earlier.. #Fugly disappoints big time :(
  • ViKeAm: Catchy Title च्या नावाखाली भटकलेली Script/Story...... #Fugly
  • Urban_Stifler: Scripts of Salman Khan movies are as meaningful as the movie title 'Fugly'.
  • TiniePoe: Fugly fat and ugly.
  • surirahulsuri: Saw #fugli today..not so good.. 1 on 5
  • shivam_s: One of the most futile and repulsive films i have seen. #Fugly
  • samamayy: "Fugly is like worse than ugly that's fucking ugly" Omg no shit Rj
  • Salilacharya: Seldom has a 2 hr movie felt like it was almost 5 hrs long #fugly #yawn
  • rajiveranjan4: Film Review: Fugly – Ugly More Than Fugly
  • RahulrazFilmy: Watched #Fugly yesterday....... What a Bakbass film.
  • piyushrajpurohi: fugly is good movie and the best character in film is chotala the thulla
  • Ojasism: Watched Fugly today. Everyone should watch it. Not because its good or anything. But why should only I suffer?
  • Nivsworld1: Forced to watch #fugly though vijender singh is funny without trying 2 be. mohit marwah luks mre like a raymonds model than a poor delhi boy
  • nicky1587: ashamed even 2 put on social media dat i watched #fugli d movie...such a fucking bore it is
  • moviemaNiac06: #Review : While Fugly starts with good intentions,they get lost in its poor performances, messy script & excessively long run-time.#fugli
  • luvesh19: Yeh #Fugly #Fugly kya hai? Kuch nahi .. Chutiyapa hai
  • lins143: Fugly too bad
  • kamranrauf3: Fugly why so ugly :(
  • Jansatta: 'फगली' बुराई से लड़ने का घिसा पिटा तरीका...http://www.jansatta.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=71036:2014-06-15-04-17-07&catid=16:highlight #Fugly #FilmReviewFugly #entertainment #bollywood
  • helga_fugly: Eating out of boredom
  • hala_madrid25: Bhaiya please don't watch Fugly! Plz
  • EkRebel: Fugly means fight the ugly/ fuck the ugly so let's fight & fuck the ugly film "Fugly" by not wasting hard earn money & important time on it.
  • duvesh1992: #Fugly is really a #Fugly movie, waste of monet
  • Dhawal_kumar: Yeh fugly hai pagli
  • curentbollynews: #Fugly dissappoints,#Holiday still doing well
  • Ciniguru: Here full #rating of this weekend - 1. #Fugly - ✭ ✭ ✩ ✩ ✩ 2. #ChalBhaag - ✭ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ 3. #HowToTrainYourDragon2 -... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=605852269513275
  • atulkasbekar: #Fugly is a worth... For the intense Mohit @moh_m Marwah And a chilling performance by @jimmysheirgill who plays a nasty 'Chautala'
  • ArpitNext: fugly is totally time waste movie #fail
  • anands_69: "@atulkasbekar: #Fugly is a worth... ::: chutiya movie
  • akjaglan444: 'Fugly' review: The film is neither thrilling nor stirring.
  • aagejaao: Fugly is too bad. Walked off it half way. It's unbearable.