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Yet another, "let's fight the system" film. This one takes on way too much and takes way too much time to express itself too.



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Thumbs up by Subhash K. Jha, Apun Ka Choice ...Two of the actors Mohit Marwah and Kiara Advani are star material. Their on screen relationship remains undefined, unpunctuated by the mandatory item song. This film possesses a very rare virtue. A conscience.... full review

Thumbs up by Joginder Tuteja, Movie Talkies ...All of this makes Fugly yet another different offering by producers Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi who defy norms by bringing something unconventional, yet entertaining. ... full review

So-So by Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama ...FUGLY is relatable that portrays several episodes that mirror the realities and the problems the youth encounter in the present times. A decent entertainer! ... full review

So-So Indicine ...Fugly might connect with the youth of North India because of the familiar circumstances shown in the film. That is what might help it recover from the below average opening.... full review

So-So by Srijana Mitra Das, Times of India ...The result is like a soggy Delhi chaat where potentially spicy ingredients make a sorry mess. As F*ugly would phrase it, quite a f*waste.... full review

Thumbs down by Anna MM Vetticad, annavetticadgoes2themovies ...Some films are so bad they leave you angry. Fugly is just too tepid to incite that kind of passion. This is truly unfortunate because in those scenes where Devi is shown dealing with the sort of sexual harassment that Indian women have to face in daily life – at the workplace, at parties, everywhere, anywhere – and the consequences of her protest, the film does manage to be strikingly true-to-life.... full review

Thumbs down by Baradwaj Rangan, Blogical Conclusion, The New Sunday Express ...F*ugly gets at least a part of its name right. The film is filled with “ugly” behaviour. There are ugly cops, politicians, mediapeople – even the regular folks are ugly.... full review

Thumbs down by Deepa Gahlot, cinemaah ...As for the slangy title, perhaps nobody in the censor board knew what it meant, and let an obscenity pass. That it doesn’t suit the film is another matter altogether.... full review

Thumbs down Daily Bhaskar ...Apart from Jimmy Shergill, we also loved a couple of songs and the background score.... full review

Thumbs down by Smita Vyas Kumar, Desi Martini ... A weak script and mediocre acting make this a tiresome movie to watch ... full review

Thumbs down by Mohit Patil, Desi Martini ...A crass, raucous, regressive, pedestrian “message movie”. An infuriating experience. ... full review

Thumbs down by Krish Sripada, Desi Martini ...A Cheap, pirated version of Rang De Basanti with oodles of pretension and hypocrisy and a twisted maze of a plot best ignored! ... full review

Thumbs down by Rachit Gupta, Filmfare ...For the uninitiated, the term Fugly was born online. It's a witty of the f word and ugly. Put together they denote something more than just not-pretty, something that is repulsive. But the word has a zestful pun. It's almost always used with a fun connotation. To use it to describe real scenarios and life-altering themes is to perhaps employ mix metaphors... full review

Thumbs down by Suprateek Chatterjee, FirstPost ... Fugly really all that bad compared to the other tripe we’re forced to watch? Yes it is. A terrible story is a terrible story, but a terrible story being told by someone with an overconfident smirk on their face is the worst thing ever. ... full review

Thumbs down by Johnson Thomas, Free Press Journal ...The super-talented Jimmy Shergill makes a valiant attempt to mark up the interest but it appears too facile in a sea of ineptitude- to make any difference whatsoever. Kabir Sadanand appears to have borrowed the template to be followed without really understanding the intricacies behind its successful mechanics. As it is, this one stretches disbelief too far and makes this ‘brand’ of intellectually depraved entertainment appear terribly unappealing!... full review

Thumbs down by Neha Mathur, fullhyd.com ...F*UGLY aspires to be a modern-day Rang De Basanti, questioning and awakening, but reads more like a string of disparate headlines bereft of matter or meat. There is only one question that remains to be asked: "Yeh fugly, fugly, kya tha?!!" ... full review

Thumbs down by Martin D'Souza, Glamsham.com ... The only interesting part is when Sadanand tries to push in the patriotic angle. But that is like a desperate attempt to stay afloat after entering deep waters without a life jacket! Take off Jimmy Sheirgill and the movie loses respectability. It's like taking the 'F' out of fugly!... full review

Thumbs down by Anupama Chopra, Hindustan Times ...As Rahul and Kabir try to stir up Rang De Basanti-style patriotism, Fugly becomes more and more preposterous. By the end, anything is possible, including a patient with third-degree burns fighting it out with the mighty Chautala on a hospital bed.... full review

Thumbs down by Rajeev Masand, IBN Live ...Of the cast, Jimmy Shergill is deliciously evil as the blackmailing cop, but watch how he hams as the character finally gets his just desserts. The four youngsters, sadly, leave no impression, particularly Olympic boxing champ Vijender Singh, who survives the comic bits but struggles in the dramatic scenes. The one character that stayed with me was a feisty old biddy who distracted an income tax officer while her grandson made off with wads of notes. Genuine comic moments like these are few and far between in this well-intentioned but sloppy film. ... full review

Thumbs down by Vinayak Chakravorty, india today ...The young cast is obviously uncomfortable playing out characters that lack ample depth. Maybe each one of them could have some way to go if they get better breaks in the future. Eyes are on Vijender Singh naturally, and the Olympic medalist boxer carries on with a deadpan face playing his unapologetic Jatt avatar. If anything, it works for him unwittingly in the stray comic scenes. ... full review

Thumbs down by Shubhra Gupta, indian express ...The lack of a credible plot does the debutants in, the girl faring just a little better than the boys. I liked that these ... full review

Thumbs down by Mohar Basu, koimoi ...Fugly must mean trash because I couldn’t find anything better in the film. A film devoid of soul, this movie will leave you mind-fuglied and I assure you that’s a state hard to overcome. I sat through the film in the hope of drooling at Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan’s gorgeous faces in the much hyped song but alas the film doesn’t allow us a single pleasure. I can’t bring myself to give any stars. It was too dumb and doomed to deserve anything.... full review

Thumbs down by Shubha Shetty-saha, MiD DAY ...While Vijendra Singh's boxing glove wears more expressions than him, Mohit Marwah and Kiara Advani make a decent debut. In fact, Kiara definitely has the potential that can be honed into making her a good actress on a better platform. ... full review

Thumbs down by Aakash Barvalia, MoviezADDA ...A fast paced Masala Thriller with a social message, it set in the bylanes of Delhi. Miss a beat narrative, that would drive you to the edge of your seat in true blue Dilli ke rang! As they would say in DELHI "Purra Da Purra Pomp and Show Kakke". Pulsating music, that is young, experimental and yet completely commercial, the movie is guaranteed to knock the knickers off anyone. It's whacky! It's Kitsch and it puts the best of friends through the most bizarre events of their life... the game is FUGLY!... full review

Thumbs down by Rahul Desai, Mumbai Mirror ...There will come a day when an ambitious filmmaker decides to raise awareness in a focused, entertaining and constructive manner, but that day isn't today. F*ugly is more of a fight for all that is ugly, than against it. ... full review

Thumbs down by Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV ...Mohit Marwah, in the guise of the angry young man, shows occasional flashes of promise. But saddled with a role that literally yokes him to a hospital bed, there isn’t much he can do to rise above the mess. Kiara Advani does a fair job of looking pretty. She also gets some of the better lines to spout.... full review

Thumbs down by Noyon Jyoti Parasara, Now Running.com ... Fugly disappoints. The first half is still passable but the second half loses way completely. The screenplay could have done better with use of some logic. This a film that the director will have to take the fall for.... full review

Thumbs down by Raja Sen, Rediff ...So Kumar, making this movie for next to nothing, won't lose a thing and might even make some money (in a world where Gunday is a hit), but if you fork over your dough and actually spend time on this, well, you've Fuglied up bigtime.... full review

Thumbs down by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies ...The film starts as an arresting concept, but that sadly hasn’t been realized to its potential. ... full review

Thumbs down by Rhea Srivastava, STARDUST ...THe olly person I feel sorry for is Akshay Kumar because his name will be associated with this ugly flim, Fugly is bad that it does not even deserve that one star that is present in the title, half for the attempt.... full review

Thumbs down by SUDHISH KAMATH, The Hindu ...A silly, hackneyed rehash that lives up to the title ... full review