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It's a super-insane plot that is composed of absolutely eccentric sub-plots. However, a good dose of imaginative comedy is blemished by dark comedy that generally does not suit my taste. Overall, though the way the different plots are put together is original and is worthy of appreciation. The makers' courage deserves extra points.



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Don't let the video of the promotional song put you off. This is a brave directorial debut and most certainly not cheesily picturized. I am willing to take a bet that the said video was made by a completely different set of people - marketing MBAs in all likelihood. People, who for some reason think bright colors and half-naked women is the only thing that can get us to the theater.

Originality executed even reasonably well is so hard to come by, that if you spot one from a mile, it deserves enthusiastic support. The freshness lies in the way the vaguely familiar stories are sewn together. The clever dialogues giving company all along. The way the complex plot unfolds and transitions from one sub-plot to another without once taxing the brains of the viewer is enticing.

Sitting on the edge of the seat gives me a backache, otherwise that is what I would be doing through most of it. And just when you feel, "okay, one more sub-plot might make this whole thing go over-board", the movie ends. The writer had the balance just right. So, bonus marks just for the guts it takes to do something like this.

Of course, a perfect product is hard to come by too. So there are a few things amiss. The one that strikes the most is the lead pair's performance. They are not completely off, but don't have the whole range either - be it expressions, body language, voice modulation. And that nags through to the end. The supporting cast though, barring the shrieking vamp, gives creditworthy support. I also had issues with the unnecessarily tilted camera angle which was over-used to the verge of nausea in the first half.

Throughout the movie though, there were these little things that kept me in splits. Sound effects used to exaggerate the going-ons took the cake. Creative slapstick is welcome, especially if the dosage is really low. Similarly, the background music absolutely complemented the pace of the movie. Particularly, the car chases where Pulp-Fiction-inspired strings play - an apt tribute. In fact, a lot of the "style" looks like it is inspired/derived from Pulp Fiction.

The creativity with which some of the humor was infused in the story was brilliant. Alas, there is a largish measure of dark comedy that neither provoked nor tickled. It existed and thus it was watched. Thus, the comedy that works, works really well but is appalling when it's crude.

Interestingly, the pace was very much like riding on a Mumbai local train. Takes off slowly, gathers momentum, goes to top speed and stays there till the destination arrives where it slows down for a short while before the credits start rolling. If the symbolism was intentional, I thoroughly enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek humor. But, was it worth the risk - having a thriller start off and land at a sluggish pace? A good 10 minutes out of the first half hour and another 5 minutes of the last 15-20 minutes could have been edited out. If the symbolism is a fabrication of my imagination - oh well, I deserve points for coming up with the analogy!

- meeta, a part of the audience

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hey...nice review...i was unsure whether to watch this movie or not....but hv somewhat encouraged me to watch this one...
nywayz always looking forward to ur reviews..


Thanks vaibhav! As you can see from the "To Each His Own" section there are very mixed reactions to the movie. Let me know what you think once you have seen it.


yeah,ill tell when i watch it ,probally in 2-3 days...but i am not such grea reviewer so ill tell u just how was it..


Hey Ashish, thanks for the advice. And in any case, kids should certainly be left behind for this one.

Sure vaibhav, your reaction will certainly add to the discussion.


thanks for the advice aashish,i was thinking to go wid ma dad and mom,bt now ill call upon my freinds.....just watched metro..again ma advice pls dnt watch wid ur family....though gr8 movie,fun o wach wid ur buddies..


I'll probably catch this one on DVD.


just caught this movie yesterday,disapointed they didnt show that laree choote song(i went to see that song actually),othrwise it was fun..


Greattt movie... and yes you are right that it must have been made by a different kind of people... Intelligent people that is...

The last scene was so hilarious... And I think Abhay Deol was perfect for this role... He is not a great actor but just says the lines as he would normally do... But the role just needed a dumbo like him


I saw this movie last night. It is a very good movie and i absolutely enjoyed it.
It was funny and very well done. What interested me the most that it was different than the same old comedy films as there is loads of over acting and stupid scenes. The movie was unpredictable and had my attention right till the end.
I give this movie a big thumbs up!!!! and cant wait to see sanjay Khanduri's next film.
Trushita Patel


this movie was cool. i liked the songs very much. hats off

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